Time for DOJ to investigate prosecutor torturing couple who used guns to protect their property

By now, much of America has seen the horrifying video. On June 28, 2020, an angry mob broke through a private, locked security gate, trespassing onto a private street in a St. Louis historic district where Mark and Patricia McCloskey live.  The McCloskeys' home stood closer to the gate than any other on the street. Every "protester" piling through that demolished security gate broke the law, either by demolishing the gate or trespassing onto private property.  Some went farther, shouting felony threats of murder and arson at the top of their voices. Set aflame by the original false narrative that Minneapolis police "murdered" George Floyd, when Floyd actually killed himself with a massive fentanyl overdose of four times the lethal amount, the cursing, salivating crowd didn't give a damn about the facts of the Floyd case, or of any other case, for that matter. They never do. They only want to destroy. The McCloskeys sat...(Read Full Post)
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