Those two town halls? A textbook spectacle of media bias

Every American knows without a shadow of doubt that the mainstream media are shamelessly biased against any and all conservatives.  They make no secret of the fact that they function as adjuncts of the DNC.  They go to great lengths to prop up Biden and sabotage the president.  Taken together, the two town halls Thursday night serve as a textbook example of media bias that a third-grader could grasp with ease.  George Stephanopoulos of Clinton war room infamy treated Biden with kid gloves.  Once he began answering a question, he spewed word salad until G.S. interrupted him.  The "undecided" questioners in the audience were mostly Democrats, including an Obama speechwriter.

This is how the left-wing media function: dishonestly.  Biden was not asked about the unfolding scandal of his son's proven criminality that implicates Biden.  He is the man most of us already knew he was, corrupt to his core.  Now we know how he has afforded his numerous homes on a public servant's salary: he was getting a percentage of all Hunter's influence-peddling schemes in both Ukraine and China. 

As for the NBC town hall, Savannah Guthrie was like a feral cat trying to take down the lion king!  She nearly hissed her questions at the president.  But she didn't lay a claw on him in spite of not letting him complete a sentence.  Ten minutes on masks!  White supremacy again!  Qanon!  Guthrie, like Kamala Harris, is the kind of woman most men and women try to avoid association with for obvious reasons.  They are pompous, unpleasant people.  No doubt, Guthrie's behavior was calculated to please the Trump-haters at NBC and among the Hollywood swells who think people care what they think.  There is not a dime's worth of difference between those film industry types and the talking heads of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC.  Like the William Hurt character in Broadcast News, they don't have to be smart or clever.  They only need to be able to read and look good on camera.  Guthrie is one of those who sneers on camera.  She belongs on The View with the rest of those harpies who know absolutely nothing about anything.  Guthrie embarrassed herself as surely as Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg embarrass themselves on a daily basis.

Stephanopoulos actually did not do Biden any favors by letting him go on and on and on.  With each long-winded answer, it became clearer that they were mostly gobbledygook; he was over-coached.  G.S. did not bother to call him on any of his lies or misstatements.  Eight year-olds should be able to decide they are transgender?  Amy Coney Barrett does not have a judicial philosophy?  The man regurgitates talking points without a shred of actual knowledge about what he is saying.  If only G.S. had asked him about Hunter's years of profiting by influence-peddling to the tune of many millions of dollars, of which, it seems, "Pop" Joe took up to fifty percent.  The Biden family is a crime family, and it appears that over all these years, it has not occurred to even one of them that what they do, how they have become so wealthy, is wrong.  They are like the Frank Langella character in the film Dave when the Kevin Dunn character tells him that what they are doing (replacing the stroke-incapacitated president with a lookalike) is wrong: "Wrong?"  The word has no meaning to this fictional chief of staff.  The word has no meaning to the Biden family, either; it's just what they do. 

Now one of Hunter's partners in crime who is in prison for his part in illegal investment schemes has flipped and turned over thousands of emails to Peter Schweizer, the author of Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite.  These emails have nothing to do with Hunter's recovered laptop but provide a magnifying-glass look at Hunter's operation regarding China and higher-ups in the communist party there as well as operations in numerous other countries.  Schweizer's work is gasoline on the growing fire of what is on the laptop.  Clearly, Hunter Biden should be in prison, too, but for his last name.  In short, Joe Biden is not only as corrupt as many have known for decades; he is deeply, corrosively corrupt.  He has, with the aid of his son, sold his own country out to China for big bucks.  No wonder he will never say a critical word about the communist nation that is danger not just to the United States, but to the world.  Throughout the eight years that Biden was V.P., he gave up the store to his oh, so generous benefactor, China.  The "big guy" is a very serious threat to America as founded.  If elected, his would be the most radical, extremist administration in history.  Read their manifesto, analysis here. 

The competing town halls that aired on Thursday provided for all those who watched a tutorial on the insidious bias that has long infected our media.  Biden was coddled like a baby.  G.S. did not interrupt except to make him stop prattling on and on as if unable to stop.  He did not challenge him on any of his false statements (he always reverts to the "Charlottesville lie").  Guthrie was just plain obnoxious.  She could not have made her disrespect for the president any more manifest.  These media types feel so superior to the man for whom sixty-three million people voted and who has achieved so much in his short three-plus years when, in fact, they are not really qualified to share his breathing space.  They are arrogant and hateful, a blight on our information landscape.  They truly believe that they can and should decide what we should be allowed to know and not know.  They believe they should wield the power to select our leaders, that we should take their words as gospel.  They are enraged when we do not comply.  These people, Stephanopoulos, Guthrie and their colleagues in the mainstream media are enemies of the people. 

"In dictatorships the media is controlled by the State. In democracies the media is controlled by wealthy individuals with political affiliations. Objective media and journalists simply do not exist in the mainstream."
―Robert Black

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