Thoroughly immoral Joe Biden's campaign is built on phony claims to morality

A chorus of voices, some of them belonging to sympathizers, has arisen to warn President Trump that the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop are a losing issue for him in the waning days of the presidential election campaign.  Instead, we hear, he should emphasize the economic promise of a second Trump term.  Yesterday, I heard a distinctly unsympathetic commentator, Marie Harf, state that voters don't care about Hunter Biden's laptop.  She's wrong, and she knows it.  Her party's "Resistance" has persecuted President Trump for years with a series of made-up scandals — Russian collusion, Ukrainian interference, corruption, indiscretion — that are structurally almost indistinguishable from the Joe-and-Hunter scandal, except that the Biden scandal isn't made up.  Democrats did this, not because they think the public is interested in the president's phone calls or associates, but because they...(Read Full Post)
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