The virus is all they’ve got and they’re clinging to it

President Trump’s energy infects his supporters with optimism.  He loves America, they love America.  He brought the economy back from the brink, where the Obama/Biden administration had purposefully kept it.  He has successfully stopped the massive illegal immigration that was contributing mightily to the unemployment of American workers.  He has done more for our black Americans than any previous president: opportunity zones, prison reform, funding our historic black colleges. He has rebuilt our military, which Obama/Biden eviscerated.  He created the Space Force.   The man is a pro-American machine of patriotism and confidence in our future.  Everywhere he goes, thousands of equally pro-Americans show up in droves for a dose of his infectious exuberance.  He is to many of us the best medicine for loving our country among those who hate this nation as much as we love...(Read Full Post)
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