The two most important videos you can see today

With the news of President Trump’s Covid diagnosis and hospitalization dominating the news, it is easy to lose perspective. But in less than ten minutes, total, two videos help see through the haze.

Re first video is only 30 seconds long, and is an ad produced by a group called “Moms for Safe Neighborhoods,” which sounds like a PAC, that focuses on what is Trump’s strongest issue, and Biden-Harris’s Achilles Heel: Safety, aka, riots, crime, police defunding and (by implication) Soros-style district attorneys.

YouTube screen grab

John Hinderaker of Powerline spotted it, and correctly notes:

It includes an imaginary news person who says that the Democratic Congress and President Biden have cut spending on the police, which the federal government doesn’t really do. But the basic point is correct. If you like riots, looting and arson, the Democrats are the party for you.

The second video features Tucker Carlson interviewing Mark Steyn, in which multiple topics are covered, including an utterly repulsive comment by Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy that Carlson and Steyn quite properly demolish before moving on the discussing British PM Boris Johnson’s Covid case, and the really critical issue of China’s aggressive moves toward establishing regional (for now) hegemony while we are inwardly-focused, dealing with the virus they foisted upon us, possibly as a bioweapon. Meanwhile, the media, which has been seduced by the size of the China market, virtually ignores the China threat, while morons like Senator Murphy continue to push the fantasy that Russia is our chief geopolitical rival, with Putin absurdly cast as Trump’s puppet master.

The fact that China funneled a billion-plus dollars to Joe Biden’s sole surviving son is almost completely ignored by the same media conglomerates that want to sell movie tickets and amusement park apsses to a billion and a half Chinese.

Steyn more or less makes news with his description of Boris Johnson as a changed man since surviving Covid, with much less energy and determination than before. This is most worrisome to Trump supporters, of course. But because Johnson foolishly (it turns out) continued his work pace after diagnosis, that might account for the progress the disease made, with dreadful consequences. Trump’s quick response, including hospitalization, means that the disease is being treated at its very earliest stage, with inflammation – which is what does the real damage --  fought with multiple approaches (see Dr. Joondeph’s article on Trump’s hospitalization).

One significant plus to Trump's residence in Walter Reed is that the doctors there can force Trump to rest, whereas if he were in the White House, his own staff would be in charge of his schedule, with medical staff mere advisors. Early rest and treatment should pay big dividends in avoiding PM Johnson's fate.

While I am no medical doctor, I suspect that the disease is being arrested before it can spread inflammation to the organs that are most vulnerable to damage.  In other words, there is an excellent chance that Trump will be back to work quickly at full force. That will help quell the panic that the media have been spreading about the number of “cases” being a cause for concern and about the exaggerated fear of mortality fromCovid, now that we know how to treat it.