The Trump campaign puts out a hard-hitting Second Amendment ad

During the Democrat primary, the candidates were crawling over each other to be the most aggressive in imposing stringent gun control laws and, if possible, seizing people's guns.  The Second Amendment didn't stand a chance in that crowd.  You may have noticed, though, that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don't talk about guns now.  Instead, with the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots having sent Americans on an epic gun-buying binge, they've opted for discretion.  The Trump campaign, however, has put out a hard-hitting ad with a necessary reminder that the Democrats will still take your guns.

Last fall, when the horde of Democrat candidates was fighting for dominance, and before anyone had heard of the Wuhan virus or George Floyd, the candidates, including both Biden and Harris, were open about their desire to seize your guns.

In September 2019, not long after the shooting at the El Paso Walmart, the debate moderator asked all Democrat candidates not for their positions on gun control, but for the strategy they planned to effectuate gun control.  Biden and Harris were the first two to answer.

Biden's challenge was to explain why, when he was the vice president, could not get gun control passed after the Sandy Hook school shooting.  Biden answered with a boast about his prowess beating the NRA, laying claim to the entire responsibility for the Brady Bill.  If he's done it once, he said, he can do it again.

Harris got the next question.  She was very clear, too.  The moderator reminded her that she had said earlier that she would issue an executive order banning all sorts of guns.  He also reminded her that Biden had said a president lacks the constitutional authority to issue an executive order banning assault rifles.  (Biden was still trying to get moderate voters back then.)

Harris was having none of it.  With that weird, constipated laugh-voice she sometimes uses, Harris gave the snotty teenage girl's riposte.  "Well, I mean, I would just say, 'Hey, Joe, instead of saying "no, we can't," let's say, "yes, we can."'"  Then, after wallowing in emotion, Harris wrapped up by accusing Trump of being responsible for the deaths in El Paso ("obviously, he didn't pull the trigger, but he's certainly been tweeting out the ammunition").

When the moderator passed the baton to Robert Francis O'Rourke, he explicitly stated, "Hell, yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47."  O'Rourke continues to matter today because, in March, Biden promised to put O'Rourke in charge of a Biden administration's gun control policies.

So, hell, yes, both Biden and Harris are entirely on board with gun control.  They will do anything they can, whether constitutional or not, to seize your guns.  But as I noted above, they're not talking about that now.  Not a single word passes their lips on the subject.

What explains their silence is the fact that Americans have been buying guns in record numbers, a logical response to the war on police, the riots on the streets, and the general insecurity coming from the lockdowns:

[F]ederal firearm background checks for 2020 reached 28.82 million this month, surpassing last year's record of 28.36 million.

An updated report released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation shows that the National Instant Criminal Background Check System processed 2.89 million background checks in September 2020 alone. The report also demonstrates that July produced the largest number of total background checks, 3.93 million, in the FBI's NICS history.

Just because Americans are buying guns, though, doesn't mean that a Biden administration will let them keep their guns. This week, the Trump campaign put out a short, hard-hitting ad reminding gun-owning Americans, including the millions of first-time gun owners, that Biden and Co. may be silent about gun control, but it's still part of their plan:

People have figured out this year that they need to be self-reliant.  They're also realizing as they look at governments across America, including the federal government, that these entities don't always have the citizens' best interests at heart.  Therefore, people should look askance at a Biden administration that has sided with both those who want to defund the police and with the criminals, and that has vehemently espoused gun seizures.

Image: Biden wants gun seizures.  YouTube screen grab.

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