The state of American politics in memes and cartoons

Most of the year, it works that American Thinker runs one cartoon per day.  However, in the countdown to what may be the most important election in American history — do we remain a constitutional republic or not? — our brilliant cartoonists have been working overtime.  It's really distressed me that I had to say "no" to many of their submissions.  I finally got the bright idea to do this special election edition showcasing American Thinker's cartoonists.

Image by Ozgood:


Images by Ken Swope:


Images by Timothy Bishop:


Images by Marcus Aurelius:


Image by Plutønium Press:


Images by O. Binkey:


Image by Ronny Gordon (an image I found so lovely I printed it out and pinned to my office wall):


Image by Mike Bertolone:


Image by Andrew Thomas, who blogs at Dark Angel Politics


Images by Ghenghis Gary:


Images by Unpolled Conservative: