The latest news should end the tech and media blackout of the Hunter Biden story

When the New York Post reported that it has access to Hunter Biden's old computer, which contains tens of thousands of politically compromising emails and photos and videos that are embarrassing and potentially criminal, Twitter, Facebook, and the mainstream media instantly clamped down on the report.  They justified doing so by asserting that the computer's origin was unverified, which meant that the allegations are "rumors."  We know now that the computer is connected to Hunter — and that there's corroborating information coming from other sources.

You always know you're over the target when the other side panics.  In this case, the same outlets that had gleefully promoted every crackpot claim against the president, from the Steele Dossier to the Ukraine hoax, hysterically demanded perfect evidentiary purity for the Biden hard drive.

Twitter blacked out any references to the Post's reports and continues to lock accounts — including the Post's account — that refuse to delete links to the Post articles.  Facebook slow-walked the story, allowing it minimal circulation to ensure that almost no one saw it.

Traditional media, which should report the news — and the allegations are newsworthy — instead worked hard to discredit the Post's reporting.  An example is the New York Times, which used anonymous sources to say that Post staff reporters were so worried about the computer's provenance that they refused to have their name on the Hunter Biden story.

The cagy language is amazing.  We're told that the Post's "article suggested" that Biden was using his political position to enrich Hunter, and that the Post's source was "a laptop purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden."  The report tells us that the Post learned about the hard drive from "Stephen K. Bannon," who is "now facing federal fraud charges," and Rudy Giuliani, "the president's personal lawyer."  Who could be more unreliable than those two?

The article often uses the words "purported" and "suggested."  The Times' clear import is that the hard drive is a phony and that the Post knows it.  All this implies that a "reputable" paper such as the Times cannot report the allegations.

Considering that the tech companies and the media used the hard drive's missing provenance to justify hiding the story from the public, news broke over the weekend ensuring that those same outlets are going to have a hard time clamping down on the story in the coming week.  Rudy Giuliani tweeted out the bad news for the lefties:

The Hunter Biden hard drive is authenticated by:

     The NY Post,

     My attorney Bob Costello


It's also been authenticated by Biden's attorney who called the merchant a day before it appeared and asked for Hunter Biden's computer.

The first two items on that list sound self-serving. After all, why should the leftists believe either the Post or Giuliani's own attorney? The third item could be a forgery. But that fourth item — Biden's own attorney — is the interesting thing.

Late Friday night, Adam Housley reported that George Mesires, who identifies himself as Hunter Biden's attorney, reached out to John Paul MacIsaac, the computer repair person, the day before the Post story dropped.  Mesires was trying to recover the computer:

When challenged, Housley tweeted out a copy of Mesires's email, which he sent the day before the Post story, confirming that he and MacIsaac talked:

Hunter's attorneys also tried to get the laptop from Steve Bannon.  Those are some pretty serious efforts if the laptop is just a Russian disinformation operation.

In addition to the contents of Hunter's computer, there's also corroborating information that's going to be made public.  A Ukrainian lawmaker says that Ukraine seized a laptop from Hunter's business contacts in that country.  Peter Schweizer has also stated that Hunter's former business partner, Bevan Cooney, who is now in prison and claims he was a fall guy, has given Schweizer access to a further 26,000 emails.

Lastly, the FBI has been sitting on the hard drive since last December.  Sen. Ron Johnson sent a letter to FBI director Christopher Wray demanding that the FBI act on its responsibility either to verify the laptop or confirm it's a fake.  Johnson told Maria Bartiromo that the FBI has an affirmative duty to give that information to Congress.

The computer is real.  It's contents are real.  And when even more serious allegations drop in the coming week (and we know they will), the tech tyrants and the mainstream media will have no excuse to hide them from Americans.

Image: Hunter Biden.  YouTube screen grab.

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