The Girl Scouts silence their applause for Amy Coney Barrett

After Clarence Thomas presided over Amy Coney Barrett's swearing-in to the Supreme Court, the Girl Scouts offered her congratulations.  Then, when social justice warriors assailed them for daring to support a strict constructionist who personally opposes abortion, the Girl Scouts withdrew that support.  This decision was surprising only to those who don't know that there's a leftist edge to the Girl Scouts of the USA, which has openly embraced "reproductive rights" (i.e., abortion).

The kerfuffle began when the Girl Scouts organization applauded a grown-up girl — Amy Coney Barrett — for becoming the fifth female justice in the Supreme Court's history:

That eminently appropriate nod didn't last long.  The woke mob came after the tweet, and the Girl Scouts caved:

That claim about being apolitical and nonpartisan hides the fact that the Girl Scouts organization has a surprisingly good relationship with Planned Parenthood.

Right to Life — LIFESPAN explains the connections between Planned Parenthood and the Girl Scouts.  Girl Scouts is a tiered organization.  There are the local troops, each of which belongs to its state organization.  These, in turn, are part of the national organization (GSUSA).  Above the national organization is the International World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), to which the GSUSA belongs.  When a girl joins the Girl Scouts, her dues go to GSUSA, which pays some of that money to WAGGGS.

The Girl Scouts does not have a formal partnership with Planned Parenthood, nor does it give any money from dues or cookie sales to Planned Parenthood.  Nevertheless, in addition to individual troops in progressive communities having a bias towards Planned Parenthood, GSUSA as a whole works with the organization:

In 2004, the CEO of GSUSA said on the Today program, "We have relationships with our church communities, with the YWCAs and with Planned Parenthood organizations across the country." As used here, the definition of "relationship" can be quite subjective.

On the local level, pamphlets, websites and workbooks from Planned Parenthood have been used as teaching tools, exposing Scouts to such things as graphic illustrations regarding sexual behavior (indicating that such behaviors are normal and acceptable); one website was called "Make Love Not Porn," hosted by entrepreneur Cindy Gallop, and encouraging activities such as touring a local family planning organization and/or having a representative from that organization as a guest speaker to the troop.

Various state, local, and the national Girl Scout organizations have named such individuals as Gloria Steinem, Ann Richards, Wendy David, Hillary Clinton, Melinda Gates, Sister Theresa Kane, Sarah Weddington, Dr. Ruth, Kathleen Sebelius, and a host of others, as Women of Distinction, holding them up as role models for leadership and advocacy, women of courage, confidence and vision for Girl Scouts.

Nowhere, in an extensive review of the literature, was a single pro-life woman or organization named as a role model or a "woman of distinction." The one common element to all of the women listed above is that, without exception, they support and advocate for "reproductive rights."

Moving from the national to the international level, the activity of WAGGGS is most disturbing. The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) credits its close partnership with WAGGGS for its increasing success in reaching youth with the IPPF message of sexual and reproductive rights. WAGGGS is very active at international seminars, events and several conferences under the sponsorship of the United Nations. In every instance, at every conference or event, WAGGGS promotes free access to "reproductive rights" at any time.

In other words, the inherent pro–Planned Parenthood bias of the national Girl Scouts organization made it a sure thing that, the moment social justice warriors reminded GSUSA that Barrett personally opposes abortion, it would pretend to be nonpartisan.

Leftists ruin everything they touch.  An organization that should serve all girls across America is, instead, making it very clear that the only girls it supports are those who vote Democrat.

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