The American dream vs. the dark winter

We've finally reached the home stretch for the 2020 election, in what seems like the longest year of our lifetimes.

As candidates tend to do, President Trump is now saying the 2020 election is the most important of his lifetime.  Where this election falls in terms of historical importance is up for debate.  There is no uncertainty around the importance of a presidential election in any year, but that's particularly the case when one side openly advertises its desire to rip America up by its roots and plant an entirely new system in its place.

What has become clear throughout this campaign is the two entirely contrasting views on where to take our country.  We're voting for two very different versions of America: Joe Biden's pessimistic view versus President Donald Trump's optimistic view.

President Trump's vision for America sees blue skies ahead.  He vows to reproduce the record economy that saw stocks and 401(k)s going through the roof before COVID-19.  Wages went up for everyone, most noticeably for the lowest wage–earners.  We had record-low or near-record-low unemployment for virtually every demographic group.  Now we're staring down potentially record-setting third-quarter GDP numbers, showing we do have the ability to return to prosperity.

Through Operation Warp Speed, we are on track to have a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the year, allowing us to begin a rapid return to normal life.  The president wants to heal our nation from chaos and discord sown by radical left-wing groups like Antifa by returning law and order.

President Trump seeks peace not only in America, but abroad.  He moved the United States embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, something many prior administrations talked about in campaign platitudes but didn't have the guts to act on once in office.  Instead of bending the knee to Iran as the Obama/Biden administration had done, the Trump administration tossed the Iran deal in the nearest trash bin and took a firm stance against the hostile regime.  The result?  He's achieved numerous Middle East peace deals with more likely on the way, something the failed so-called experts from prior administrations and talking heads on television assured us was impossible with Trump's approach.

President Trump wants to take the success of the last four years pre-COVID and build upon it, presenting a vision that shows great days are again within an arm's reach.  That is very different from the dark winter Joe Biden has predicted.

In the final debate, Joe Biden projected a fearful and dim outlook related to COVID-19.  He regurgitated stale talking points that America would double the number of COVID deaths we have suffered from March through today in just the final two months of this year, meaning that an additional 200,000 Americans would die.

Joe Biden, who has spent nearly a half-century not creating jobs or working in the private sector, but working in politics, has also expressed willingness to potentially close the country again.  For businesses hanging on by a thread, another shutdown would be a crushing blow.  For those fortunate enough to survive another national shutdown, Biden's commitment to creating a national $15 minimum wage would likely be the straw that broke the camel's back.

Despite his claim to the contrary, Biden has repeatedly stated his desire to do away with fossil fuels and, yes, fracking.  With that, we could kiss goodbye America's energy independence, which would result in not only weakened national security and less reliable energy with higher costs but likely the loss of millions of well paying American jobs.

Joe Biden would return to a foreign policy that practiced submission to Iran and caused former defense secretary Robert Gates to say Biden had been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the last four decades.

Biden is the same candidate who had to wait four months for plummeting poll numbers before condemning rioting, looting, burning, and destruction in American cities.  That is what you'll get in Joe Biden's America, and he makes sure to slip up and let us in on that secret every time he's allowed to leave his basement and speak.  When people tell you who they are, believe them.

Elections have consequences, and the consequences this year could not be more significant.  President Trump sees America as the greatest nation on the face of the Earth, poised to forge through the end of a pandemic to reach new heights.  Joe Biden says America is an idea we've never lived up to.  It's the American Dream versus socialism.  Which one do you prefer?

Jessica Curtis is the executive director of GOPAC and the former producer of special events and politics at Fox News Radio.

Image: ShonEjai, Pixabay.

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