SF DA Chesa Boudin surveys crime victims on how to make life easier for their attackers

Chesa Boudin, the radical left-wing San Francisco district attorney on whose watch San Francisco has become a crime-infested Caracas-like hellhole, is starting to draw criticism from crime victims for his unwillingness to prosecute crimes.  Adding insult to injury, he's now using them as fodder for a survey on how to make their attackers' lives better. 

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, in a column by Heather Knight that ran on Oct. 17 (why the heck wasn't this reported as straight news?):

The survey asked them to rank the district attorney's top five priorities by importance. But the options did not include prosecuting violent crimes or ensuring public safety, which many residents would rank as the top priorities of the city's chief prosecutor.

And the reward for filling out answers about the crime committed against you?

The respondents could be entered into a raffle — if they provided an email address — to win free water bottles, tote bags "and more" with the D.A.'s logo emblazoned on them.

The aim is to use the responses to advance his political career, smothering the victims' real concerns in order to advance his let-'em-out political agenda in a quest for higher office. 

Always the P.R. man, Chesa is focused on gaslighting the public for his own self-aggrandizement, claiming he's prosecuting criminals, while he's mainly attempting to get the victims of crimes he never prosecuted to answer his survey with carefully worded options on what his priorities should be, leaving off the option of "prosecuting violent crime" and taking violent thugs off the streets as choices. 

It asks crime victims to rank these five priorities by importance: prioritizing rehabilitation over punishment, providing restorative justice options for victims of crime, increasing alternatives to prison, increasing services for victims of crime, and increasing financial resources for victims of crime.

Those might be fine ideas in some criminal cases. But for a man like Tonel's co-worker who allegedly drugs somebody, drags them into an Uber unconscious, takes them home and rapes them? Probably not.

"There was no option to disagree or to even add a suggestion or comment to what could be included in those five very limited options," Tonel said. "It's disappointing and disrespectful to survivors."

The Soros-funded stepson of Bill Ayers, who spent his youth as Hugo Chávez's adviser, has always been a slippery, ambitious character. 

Here's how bad it was, according to Knight of the Chronicle:

It also appears geared toward collecting answers that show crime victims support Boudin's priorities at a time when many San Franciscans are concerned his office isn't doing enough to prosecute crime. Overall, crime in the city is down from last year, but homicides are up 23%, burglary has risen 43% and auto theft is up 34%, according to police data through August.

Here's what's going on there.  Burglar's delight.

The little local paper, The Marina Times, had even more of the scoop:

Boudin's lack of prosecutions is fueling a burglary epidemic.  Boudin's term started with a 23% leap in robberies and upticks in burglaries and car break-ins.  After the March 16th Covid-19 shutdown, with retail stores closing and tourists and rental cars disappearing, criminals transitioned to stealing cars, starting fires, and committing burglaries.  Through the shutdown, as of September 1st, burglaries exploded up 57.6% over the same period last year.   (Year-to-date homicides are up 33% under Boudin.)

So what is Boudin doing besides letting diligent police work go to waste?   SFPD investigators are reporting that, when Boudin's office can't absolutely reject a solid SFPD case, his office is calling the victims and pressuring them to forgo prosecution in favor of "restorative justice."   That's correct, the San Francisco DA's office is soliciting victims and asking for an excuse not to do their jobs.  The Street is highly aware of Boudin's no-consequences prosecutorial policy and the price is a growing lawlessness and the compromised safety of our residents. 

What's "restorative justice"?  Well, rather than put criminals in jail, the victim and criminal are supposed to talk it out, and apologies are not required of the offenders.  This is pretty much why every hoodlum on the street in San Francisco, is...still on the street.  Felonies, not petty theft, are solved through "other actions."

And with few ever prosecuted, cops are refusing to apprehend violent criminals: why stick your neck out when the D.A. just throws the cases out or calls you the problem?

That's why young Chesa is busy touting crime in the city being down as a result of his defund-the-police, zero-incarceration, restorative-justice philosophy and is now trying to snooker the victims into saying they support him.

Falling crime is an easy statistical claim to reach when nobody's arresting criminals.  The Knight column describes victims saying the cops just stand there and do nothing as crimes are being committed.

Getting victims to mouth your party line, though, with a push-poll survey that reveals nothing of how stiffed crime victims really feel watching their attackers walk free is another matter.  Knight reports that out of more than 10,000 surveys sent, only 482 respondents answered.  People could see what he was doing.

But not a problem for young Chesa, a lily-white leftist male whose father is in prison for murdering a black cop in the infamous Weathermen Brink's robbery of 1981, who now shows similar disregard for the lives of women.  Call it communist family values, and hope to heaven this guy never gets elected to any office beyond San Francisco.

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