Robert Reich vows purges and show trials of conservatives if Biden is elected

Is the average American voter really thinking about all the ways to get back at voters who voted for President Trump?


Well, it's what certain influential Democrats want, full blown show-trials and purges, same as the communists pioneered. Seems that equality and redistribution, don't really motivate them in the promises of socialism -- purges, show trials, Gulags and re-education camps are what get them going.

And it makes sense. Socialism has failed everywhere it's ever been tried, every time, every place, every place it's ever been practiced, people are poorer, unfreerer and less advanced than in places with capitalism. They've got a 100% record on failure for that. But where they don't have a record of failure is on a reign of terror, where neighbor spies on neighbor for a secret police, thought crimes are punished, mass imprisonment and re-education camps are a way of life, show trials appear where groveling people stand before people's commissars and profess to love what they hate and hate what they love, and the yin and yang of violence to reinforce lies and lies to cover up violence. There are also party purges to keep everyone in a state of fear.

That's what socialists are good at.

And sure enough, that's what Reich is calling for. Reich, it's important to note, is no ordinary crazy leftist. He's President Clinton's former Secretary of Labor and a fixture in Democrat party politics. He's the establishment. He's the mainstream. And Joe Biden, who is being controlled by so many puppetmasters of this ilk. will do as he's told by the likes of Reich. So much for Biden's promise to be the president of 'all the people.' This is what he means by 'all the people.'

This ought to be a campaign issue. Democrats are plotting the worst for their GOP rivals in a bid to control all ideas, all thoughts, every straying question. As Sen. Lindsey Graham once said: "Boy y'all want power, god I hope you never get it."

Hat tip: Instapundit

Image credit: Twitter screen shot