Questions the press just won't ask Joe Biden

During this election cycle, there are thousands of questions Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should be asked in order for the public to make an informed decision.  Sadly, most journalists are so busy campaigning for Democrats and trashing President Trump that they don't care.  All they care about is power for the radical leftists in their effort to remake or destroy America.

Here is a sample of questions that should be asked:

Why is Pelosi holding up aid to the unemployed, the poor, and the middle class while seeking to give the rich a huge tax break with unlimited deductions for state and local taxes?

Didn't the Democrats continually lie to get the Affordable Care Act passed?  Why did they tell the public that they could keep their doctor and keep their plan, that their premiums would go down substantially, and that the deficit would be reduced when those were known lies?

Didn't premiums and out-of-pocket expenses skyrocket under the ACA?  Didn't people delay critical care based on these same soaring costs?  Didn't they stabilize after Trump got rid of the individual mandate and gave people back the freedom of choice?

Why should the public trust Biden when he says his health plan will lower costs when Democrats lied so much about Obamacare?

When the swine flu infected over 60 million Americans, why didn't Obama/Biden set up testing clinics, have contact tracing, require masks, and require social distancing?  Why didn't we test people with no symptoms?  Why didn't we assign deaths from heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and car accidents to the swine flu as they do for COVID-19?  Didn't Biden's point man on this H1N1 virus flu say it was pure luck that there weren't more deaths because they did everything wrong?  Why have we never assigned deaths from other causes to the seasonal flu?

Since over 99% of people under seventy and 99.997% of people under 19 survive COVID-19, shouldn't we follow the science and have schools open?

The WHO now recognizes that lockdowns cause more harm than good, so hasn't Trump been right that the economy should be open?  Shouldn't we follow the science and open up?

Haven't the biggest super-spreader events, which have caused the most deaths, been when New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other governors forced nursing homes to take in COVID-infected people, prohibiting them from even testing before admission?  Why is Trump blamed for all deaths when governors have caused so many?  Why would we trust Democrats to run our health care when these decisions were so ignorant and deadly?

Why does Biden lie when he says the hearings on Barrett are unconstitutional?

Wasn't it unconstitutional for Obama to dictatorially and unilaterally implement DACA?

Didn't the IRS violate the free speech and freedom of association rights when it targeted political opponents of Obama/Biden?  Wasn't it a violation of the Hatch Act when IRS employees and facilities were used for political purposes?

You always cite polls in your talking points, so why do you support sanctuary cities and states when most of the public doesn't support them?

Why do you support late-term abortions when more than 80% of the public opposes them?

Why do you oppose vouchers and charter schools when a majority of the public supports them, including minorities support?

Why do you oppose photo IDs to vote when the majority of the public supports them?  Why do you support laws and rules that require photo IDs for so many things in everyday life and then pretend it is racist and oppressive to require them to vote?

Why should Americans trust the Democrats to run health care when they won't provide health care to fully developed babies who survive late-term abortions?

Didn't Obama/Biden cater to Putin when they refused to give Ukraine defensive weapons to protect themselves?

Was it proper for Obama/Biden to interfere in Ukraine's judicial process by threatening to cut off one billion dollars if the Ukrainians didn't fire a prosecutor who was investigating a corrupt company that paid Biden's son millions of dollars for a no-show job?

Isn't it idiotic for America to trust and build up the tyrants in Iran, who spread terrorism around the world and who threaten death to America and death to Israel?

Can you give any scientific data that support the idea that oil and fossil fuel use increases temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity?  Shouldn't policies be based on actual scientific data instead of made-up computer models?

Wouldn't it be economic and national suicide for the U.S to give up oil when Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea won't?

Didn't manufacturing jobs drop during Obama/Biden years and rise during Trump's three years?

Didn't the Obama/Biden policies yield the slowest economic recovery in seventy years?  Why would we want to emulate those poor results?

Didn't Trump's tax cuts help people at all economic levels instead of the top one percent?

Didn't Trump's policies before the virus yield: Record low unemployment for blacks, Hispanics, women, Asians, the handicapped, the formerly incarcerated, and the less educated? Shouldn't we support policies that yield such great results?

Didn't Trump's policies yield rapidly rising wages, especially for those at the bottom, and greatly reduce poverty? Why would you oppose policies that yield such great results?

Why do you continually lie about what Trump said in Charlottesville and claim that he hasn't denounced white supremacists when you know that isn't true?

Why don't you denounce the radical leftist groups who are causing great damage to cities throughout the U.S. and especially minorities?

Why didn't Harris prosecute any Catholic priests for abusing children? Were they above the law?

Why did Harris just make up a quote about Abe Lincoln and the Supreme Court to mislead the public? 

Isn't the biggest political crime of all time the matter of people throughout the Obama/Biden administration seeking to destroy Trump with no evidence and seeking to protect Hillary Clinton and other criminals from prosecution? Why were so many criminals from the Obama/Biden administration considered to be above the law?

Wasn't it continuous violations of the Hatch Act when massive amounts of personnel and taxpayer money were used to target Trump and protect Hillary?

Isn't it a much greater threat to the integrity of our elections when swamp creatures throughout the bureaucracy protect themselves while they seek to destroy others who they disagree with than anything the Russians or Chinese have ever done?

Why should we believe the polls on the Supreme Court or anything when polls like ABC/Washington Post only poll 24% to 27% Republicans when that is not the way we vote?

In 2008, after Obama won, we were told Republicans would have to move left or we would never win again. Instead, we moved right with the tea party and won over 1,000 seats nationwide in the next eight years. In 2016, we were repeatedly told that Trump was way behind throughout October and would lose big. We were told that he would drag the whole Republican Party down.

Instead, we held the White House and Senate and House, in 2016. The talking points are the same this year as they have been every year. We will have to see how things turn out, but the enthusiasm gap is massive, and Biden and Harris couldn't draw a crowd if they wanted to. Why do they fly around the country in private jets destroying the climate when they won't allow people to gather? They should just repeat their talking points from their caves.

We are repeatedly told that Trump is only catering to his base when he is constantly courting all Americans and especially blacks and Hispanics. Clearly, not his base. Meanwhile, Biden and Harris won't even answer a question about packing the courts because it is they who are worried about their base. Biden and Harris are continually lying about fracking because they are worried about their base.

The choice is easier every day. Don't listen to the campaign workers posing as journalists. They are intentionally protecting their chosen candidates from scrutiny for what they say, what they have done and what they propose because they know the public would not like what they see.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain.

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