Questions for Joe Biden

Joe Biden has thus far refused to respond to any questions regarding his son Hunter Biden, claiming that it is merely a smear campaign, unverified or emanated from Russia.  This no longer holds water, as Hunter's attorney has made attempts to recover Hunter's computers.  Some recipients of the emails have verified their authenticity.  Further, our director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, has dismissed any claims of Russian involvement.  Verification is now beyond question.  Accordingly, a real press would ask the following questions of Joe Biden.

  1. If the DoJ were to indict your son Hunter for his Burisma dealings, his Chinese dealings, or any content of a sexual nature that might be on his computers, what would you do regarding such charges, if you were to be elected president?  (Perhaps President Trump should bring this up at the debate.)
  2. Would you instruct the DoJ to dismiss the charges or in any way hinder, interfere with, or obstruct the proceedings?
  3. Would you pardon your son Hunter?
  4. Do you still deny you met with a representative of Burisma at your son's request?
  5. Did you or did you not receive any funds from, in conjunction with, or related in any way to Hunter Biden or his associates?  If yes, how much and from whom?  Did you report this income?

America has a right to know his answers, yes or no.  A real press would demand specific answers and then fact-check Biden's responses.  That said, it is likely that President Trump will press the issue in the upcoming debate.

Image: Gage Skidmore.

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