Planning something sinister? Twitter shuts down Ric Grenell for tweet demonstrating ballot fraud

Twitter shut down a big fish Thursday, censoring President Trump's popular former acting director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, for supposedly violating the company's terms of service.

According to, an anti-censorship news site:

Upon his friend’s request, Ric Grenell took to Twitter and posted the images of two ballots that were sent to the names of a deceased couple.

Social media platforms, of late, have been extra vigilant about the content that gets posted on their platform. With the current year combining several important and critical events, including the US Presidential Elections and COVID-19 saga, platforms have grown even more stringent with their rules.

Which is pretty astonishing. Grenell is a highly visible tweeter, popular with viewers, with 660,000 followers. If they can shut him down, they can shut anyone down. His 'crime' was refusing to delete this tweet as they ordered:

He stood his ground, and was right to do so. After all, if you can't tweet about your lived-experience, and present evidence, as Grenell did, then it's obvious there's a story Twitter would like to see suppressed. 

For some reason, he's been let out now but the censorship message is clear. He's since tweeted this:



Clearly, Twitter has a game plan for censoring all news of ballot and electoral fraud in this age of mass-mail junk-mail voting. Grenell in fact is onto a very big story -- that of gargantuan Los Angeles County' already evident gross mismanagement of the election. Grenell tweeted evidence of dead people getting ballots. Just yesterday, a friend in Glendale tweeted to me pictures of his son's two ballots received in the mail.

The area is loaded with illegals, so all kinds of potential for ballot fraud -- and ballot-selling, are likely going on, but Twitter is getting out its mighty censorship machine to make sure voters don't know. 

There's also this, according to the Wall Street Journal:

Twitter Inc. will make it harder for posts to go viral ahead of the U.S. election, including by putting limits on how users can retweet.

The moves unveiled Friday, which also include pointing users viewing certain tweets to credible content, are among the boldest yet for the social-media platform and are designed to slow the spread of misinformation.

Where users previously hit a button to reshare, or “retweet,” items, they will now be directed to a screen that will encourage adding commentary before resharing posts. If users don’t write anything, their post will still appear as a traditional retweet—but the change “adds some extra friction” in the process, according to a company blog post.

Which is pretty disturbing. Hitting Grenell for a perfectly valid tweet showing genuine problems in our electoral system, and then slowing down retweets on stories they don't like is pure dictatorial censorship. If this isn't an argument for Republicans to get out and vote, and in particular vote for every downballot Republican in the congressional slots, what is? The U.S. desperately needs a House that is willing to force Twitter to become regulated as an edited platform, responsible for every word that goes out on their site including those of child molestors and Iranian terrorists. Their election shenanigans mean they're playing for keeps. No amount of 'reform' is going to make up for it, given the stakes at hand and what they are doing now. The die is cast. They are planning something, and they need to be stopped.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot

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