NYT disgraces itself again, publishing a ChiCom shill's praise for China's crackdown in Hong Kong

File under 'unclear on the concept.' Or more directly, the New York Times has disgraced itself yet again. The Times in this instance has yielded its precious column inches to one Regina Ip, a Hong Kong functionary who defends China's treaty-busting crackdown on the enclave, something millions of Hong Kongers oppose. But never mind them. She's got the New York Times to serve as her megaphone. In an op-ed for the Times, she writes: To some, the new national security law is especially chilling because it seems simultaneously vague and very severe. But many laws are vague, constructively so. And this one only seems severe precisely because it fills longstanding loopholes — about subversion, secession, local terrorism, collusion with external forces. One person’s “severe” is someone else’s intended effect. Oh. So us schmoes thinking the Chicom crackdown and repression of the former island of freedom on the...(Read Full Post)
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