Newly released documents give a clearer picture about the Russia hoax

We learned last week that (a) Hillary Clinton approved of faking a Russia-Trump scandal to detract from her unsecured server; (b) that then–CIA director John Brennan briefed Obama and intelligence officials about the plan; and (c) that intelligence officials sent a memo to Peter Strzok tell him of Hillary's plan.  The actual documents were made available on Tuesday.  They revealed that Obama knew almost from the beginning that "Russian collusion" was a hoax, while the media's current cover-up of the newly released documents shows that the Russia hoax will live forever in their reporting. Brennan's July 2016 notes of his meeting with Obama and other national security advisers are almost entirely blacked out.  What remains, though, establishes that Obama knew as of July that Hillary intended to fake collusion between Trump and the Russians: We're getting additional insight into Russian activities from...(Read Full Post)
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