Mr. President, take a rest and let VP Pence run a few plays

We are thrilled that President Trump is doing well and may be back to the White House soon.  However, I hope he does not rush back.  He needs to rest and watch the show from the sidelines a bit longer.

Let V.P. Mike Pence take it for a few days, especially since he will face Senator Kamala Harris on Wednesday.  I'm glad to hear that he will be more active, as Fox News is reporting:

Pence has outlined plans to launch a new effort to ramp up campaign appearances by Trump lieutenants who haven't been infected. Pence himself will star in the new effort, in addition to Trump's children. Pence promised that he and the first family would begin fanning out across the country aggressively in person after Wednesday's vice presidential debate.

Good move, for a couple of reasons:

First, I repeat that President Trump needs to rest.  At his age, he should not push his luck.

Second, I am confident that V.P. Pence can campaign and remind the country how competent he is.  Also, I am sure that it will be a lot more difficult to attack Pence because he is good at disarming his opponents.  Just ask Senator Tim Kaine or watch the 2016 V.P. debate.

Rest, Mr. President, and don't rush it.  You've got the best #2 since Steve Young backed Joe Montana!

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Image: Gage Skidmore.

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