More evidence that Democrats are becoming unmoored

One of the points I've made frequently over the past several months is that Democrats — especially Democrat women — show increasing signs of severe mental and emotional instability.  Rather than learning to be emotionally resilient people who can cope with what life throws at them, Democrats are taught to be victims, responding to even the mildest insult, scare, or opposition with rage, panic, and hysteria.  Today, I've got a few illustrative videos.

Here's the first thing you need to know: there's an incredible thread of overt violence running through the left, including the women (and I think this creature is female):

One of the more popular crazy Democrat ladies on the internet has gone far beyond ordinary hysteria into something that looks like satanic possession (and that's true whether or not you believe in Satan).  I do not believe that this is a doctored video:

Naturally, "we're losing our democracy" lady's extreme reaction got doctored:

"We're losing our democracy" lady clearly earned her place of honor in the panoply of screaming leftist women:

Then there is actress Francia Raisa, who's had roles in shows most of us have never heard of.  Apparently, she got caught in a slow-moving traffic jam filled with horrifying, happy, honking, smiling Trump-supporters.  It's unclear whether Raisa will ever recover from the trauma (language alert):

Just to give context to that hysterical response, James Woods tweeted out what was really going on that day on the 405 in L.A.:

This last video...well, I don't know how to describe it, but I think it's something that everyone needs to see to understand what's really going on out there:

We need to save these lunatic women and space creatures from themselves.  The best way to do that is to win a giant victory for Trump, one from which there's clearly no going back.  Then all the crazies should give up, crawl back into their holes, and leave us alone.

Image: We’re losing our democracy lady.  Twitter screen grab.