Media hysteria and the angry left have brought us to the brink

In 1955, during his first term, President Eisenhower had a massive heart attack.  Until his death in 1969, he suffered at least 20 other cardiac events, several of which occurred during his two terms as president.  Vice President Richard Nixon capably led the country during Eisenhower's frequent illnesses. Despite the president's poor health, under the steady hand of the Republican Eisenhower administration, the country's economy continued to do well, and we stayed out of stupid wars.  I am confident that the same will continue to be true for the country under the Trump administration while the president is hospitalized, given that President Trump has assembled an impressive Cabinet. A significant difference between the Eisenhower era and the present day is that we have social media and 24-hour cable news, dominated by an unhinged media establishment that tilts heavily to the left, whipping up hysteria.  The media hate...(Read Full Post)
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