Latest white professor caught faking being black is hilarious

Meet the unlikeliest oppressed black woman...ever.

If being black is such a disadvantage in a "systemically racist" America, why are so many white people — particularly professors — getting caught posing as African-Americans?  Back in the day when white racism was real and open, African-Americans with light skin were known to try to "pass" as white, a heartbreaking situation that revealed the existence of genuine systemic racism.  The 1949 movie Pinky, directed by directorial giants Elia Kazan and (uncredited) John Ford, is a tragedy that illustrates the human toll of the racism of that bygone era.

Today, I cannot think of any cases of black people exposed as posing as Caucasian, but in recent times, there has been a parade of fake blacks, starting with an NAACP chapter president named Rachel Dolezal.

But the latest example is outright hilarious, in part because the professorial perp is as polar opposite of the pose adopted as could be imagined.  Meet the "woman of color" who posted on Twitter as "The Science Femme" according to his university's student newspaper:

Photo from University of New Hampshire via Breitbart.

Assistant professor Craig Chapman must have been suffering from indignation envy, pumping out oppression porn, for, unlike some other fake blacks, there was no career advantage in his race fraud.  It was purely for the benefit of adopting persecution by proxy.  And what a story of poverty and discrimination was fabricated!  Via Breitbart:

With his fake account, the professor's "woman of color" character tweeted "I was successful in killing my dept's woke statement on recent social unrest," adding, "it is a toxic ideology that cannot be given an inch," among other statements.

The account also referred to itself as a "WOC" (woman of color), and a "POC" (person of color). Chapman's fake Twitter account appears to have since been deleted or removed from the social media platform. An archived version of the account's page shows a sample of the account's tweets.

Chapman is now suspended by his employer pending investigation:

In a statement to the media, UNH said that it was "recently made aware of allegations on social media about a member of its faculty."

"We are deeply troubled by what we've learned so far and immediately launched an investigation," the spokesperson added. "The employee at the center of allegations on social media is on leave and not in the classroom. In order to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation the university is unable to comment further."

 There's just not enough racial oppression to go around.

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