Kamala Harris belongs in Hollywood, not Washington, DC

In the debate Wednesday night, Harris proved herself to be an intellectual lightweight without a grasp of the issues, or the truth of the issues she attempted to elucidate.  She thinks she is informed, but to quote Reagan, so much of what she thinks she knows is wrong.

She is the Washington, D.C. version of Alyssa Milano, an idiot who has achieved a level of celebrity that is not only undeserved but toxic.

She displayed zero depth of knowledge of a single issue that was addressed.  Susan Page, Chris Wallace in a dress, framed every question as a Democrat talking point, but then she is the author of a fawning book about the wicked witch, Nancy Pelosi.  At least she did not become part of the debate, but she did try to give the advantage to Harris.  It didn't help. 

Of all the people Biden could have selected as a running mate, Harris is without a doubt the worst.  Her incessant smirking, inappropriate grinning, big flashing smiles, even when talking about COVID, were bizarre.  She must have been channeling Jane Fonda: "COVID is God's gift to the left."  That is how Biden, Harris, and the rest of the left see this virus, as an opportunity to exploit in the most despicable ways. 

Harris's demeanor was offensive from start to finish.  Pence was Trump's calm and focused partner; both of them make their love of and indefatigable defense of America and all of its people as clear as clear can be.

Harris refused to indict China, for the flu or for all its well known, ongoing human rights abuses!

She, like Biden, refused to answer the most important question of the day: if elected, will you pack the SCOTUS?  Pence was correct that her refusal to answer means "yes," that is their intention.  Harris laughed, again inappropriately, as if the question was beneath her.  She is a nasty piece of work, a Pelosi-in-training.  She is a person who should never come close to power over the rest of us.

She is on record vowing to confiscate legally owned guns.  She loves the lockdown but blames the economic devastation on Trump.  Her record as district attorney of San Francisco and California state attorney general is horrific, especially with regard to the inordinate number of nonviolent blacks she imprisoned.

She refused to prosecute child-abusers within the Catholic Church.  Everyone knows she got her leg up in California politics by being Willie Brown's mistress, a position she flaunted even in front of the man's wife.  She mentioned her (and Joe's) "values" in the debate.  If you are going to campaign on values, it helps to have some.  She has none beyond her own quest for power.  She is the most radical leftist senator in Congress.  Let that sink in; she is dangerous to everything Americans hold dear.

Her record of incarcerating blacks for nonviolent crimes is not only legendary, but grossly racist.

She has never identified as a "woman of color" until it became politically useful to do so.  She is estranged from her Jamaican father.  Her mother was Indian.  She has virtually nothing in common with African-Americans or the African-American experience.  Nothing.  Talk about cultural appropriation — she is the master appropriator.

While Page did bring up the shooting death of Breonna Taylor, she saw to it that Harris was not questioned about her raising money to bail out hardened criminals arrested during the riots of which she is so heartily supportive.  Some of those she has bailed out have gone on to commit more violent crimes.  Harris visited the rapist Jacob Blake and called him and his family fine people.  She made no calls to his victim, the woman who had a restraining order against him for rape, the woman who called 911 that day in Kenosha.  Did she bother to speak to the woman?  Of course not.  She supports the defunding of police, the abolition of bail, and the end of prisons, and she is on record, over and over again, supporting Antifa, BLM, and the violence they have wrought on so many American cities these past months.

She and Biden supported the riots, the arson, the looting and destruction because they thought it would win them votes!  On what planet does the wholesale destruction of businesses, small and large, win over members of a civilized society?  Biden's and Kamala's planet.  They are campaigning for the criminal vote, the illegal alien vote because they've promised to pay for their health care with our money.  So racist are the two of them that they think all black people support the criminals who have been destroying their communities!  Those millions of law-abiding black people revere their police just like the rest of us. 

The time wasted on climate change was just that, time wasted.  That subject consistently polls last among issues Americans care about.  But, true to form, Harris lied over and over; both she and Biden are on record numerous times vowing to stop all fracking. Did Harris think we don't' know this? She apparently thinks we are all hopelessly uninformed as to Biden's and her record. Pence zinged her with the plagiarism line…everything she claimed Biden would have done is what Trump/Pence have done since day one re: COVID. 

The debate was a Pence rout. Harris thoroughly embarrassed herself. Aside from her non-answers, her body language was so off-putting, she should probably not appear in public anytime soon. Her obvious contempt for her opposition is not helpful to her campaign. To watch her is to not like her. Pence was a class act, calm, poised and focused. He should have had much more time to address Harris' support for the Antifa/BLM violence but then we all know about that.

Send her to Hollywood, she can host a talk show or join the cast of The View for that is the crass level of her character and that is also where she lives anyway, in Brentwood among the film industry swells.

Image credit: Screen shot from a camera aimed at a streaming computer, via CSPAN and YouTube.

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