Is there a more loathsome group of people than the White House press corps?

Well, there is Antifa, the violent arm of BLM, the Muslim Brotherhood, et al., but for what is supposed to be an assemblage of professional, objective journalists, this White House press corps is about as mature as a clique of mean girls in any middle school. They are as politically deluded as Baghdad Bob, pathetically self-important, ridiculously overly impressed with their own positions of power and influence, and as malicious as Shakespeare's Iago.  When they do not get their way, they act out like toddlers in the throes of a tantrum.  This has all been true since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president.  In their view, so presumptuous was his foolish attempt to be president that they set out to sabotage him from moment one, to utterly destroy him by any means necessary. The long list of their failures in this endeavor is legion and would be humorous if it were a Dickens novel, but it is the White House press...(Read Full Post)
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