I cast my vote for Trump yesterday; it was the best voting experience I ever had

This week, I cast my vote for President Trump.  Never in my life have I had such a sense of pride, hope, or joy when filling out my ballot for president of the United States.  It was exhilarating!

After I voted at the Board of Elections, I wanted to shout out loud and then scream through my rolled down car window on the way home: TRUMP 2020!!!

But of course, I didn't...

And I got to thinking about all the previous elections, when I dutifully cast my vote but felt no excitement about it.

So in light of Mitt Romney's recent announcement that he didn't vote for Donald Trump this year, I thought it might be a good time to share a few thoughts about obligatory voting and the senator from Utah.

Hey, Mitt.  I voted for you in 2012, not because I thought you were an amazing candidate (you weren't), but because I had two viable choices.  It was you or Barack Obama.  In light of the options, my vote was a no-brainer, and I filled in the oval on my ballot with a black ballpoint pen and cast my vote for you.  And in so doing, I cast my vote for a weak candidate who seemed more concerned with being gracious and polite and, dare I say, perhaps disinclined to actually beat Obama.

But I voted for you because I love my country, and I knew that Obama would be a menace of monumental proportions, who would set about doing exactly what he promised: the transformation of the greatest nation in all of human history.

And Obama kept his word.

Anyone paying attention can see that we continue to reel from the changes he set in motion for the destruction of America.

So, Mitt.  Here we are on the cusp of a pivotal election that will determine nothing less than whether we'll be able to salvage what remains of our country.  Or lose it all.  Perhaps forever.

Because, Mitt, as you may or may not be aware, the left is playing for keeps. They will eliminate the Electoral College, eliminate the filibuster, make the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico states, and add seats to the Supreme Court so they can “pack the court” with far left justices (to name a few actions that will silence our voices and lock us out of power).

Or don’t you know that, Mitt? It’s pretty much an open secret, so it’s hard to imagine that you wouldn’t be aware of the left’s evil plans.

And so, when you withheld your vote from Trump (and went out of your way to announce it), you revealed that you do not love America.

You revealed that you’re more concerned with virtue-signaling and your puffed-up sense of self-importance.

You point your long skinny finger at Trump for things he’s said that you don’t like, while ignoring the outrageous words, deeds, and threats the left lobs at all of us every single day.

You blame Trump for a climate of vitriol and incivility while turning your face away from the blood in the streets thanks to leftists who mean to inflict a lot more pain in the coming weeks and months.

You chanted “Black Lives Matter” with nary a hint of awareness that you legitimized a Marxist organization that means to tear this country down. (I presume you marched with a group that wasn’t flinging feces, urine, fireworks, bricks, blades, or bullets at law enforcement and/or ordinary citizens.)

Did it feel good, Mitt? Did it give you a sense of above-the-fray-and-across-the-aisle integrity?

And when not marching in the streets, do prefer it when tyrants elected to office lay out their plans in a soft-spoken manner and maybe even throw in a smile or a chuckle? I suppose you didn’t mind when Nancy Pelosi suggested fumigation as a way to remove Donald Trump from the White House. Lord knows, the Democrats have surely tried everything else.

Mitt, I could go on. But let me toss out a question for you, sir.

What’s it like to contribute to the destruction of America? Because that’s what you’ve done with your stupid, adolescent, arrogant, ignorant, clueless, naïve announcement that you didn’t vote for Donald Trump.

Back in 2012, so many of us voted for you, Mitt, even though we weren’t crazy about you, even though we didn’t like everything you said, even though we feared you might not be an effective leader, even though you seemed weak. I, along with millions of Americans still voted for you because we understood the choice before us.

Now, in 2020, the choice could not be more stark or sobering.

And, Mitt, you have failed miserably. Yet again.

TRUMP 2020!!!

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Photo credit: Tom ArthurCC BY-SA 2.0.

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