How frightened should we be? Very. How proud of Trump should we be? Very.

It is amazing that Amazon has not banned it but it is available for streaming: The Plot against the President.  If only all Americans would watch it, for it tells the truly horrific story of how a treasonous group of plotters attempted to destroy President Trump because...well, he wasn't one of them. The film reveals to the uninitiated that the plan began with Hillary.  She commissioned Fusion GPS to develop material with which to destroy Trump, the candidate.  Fusion GPS hired all the other initial players — Christopher Steele, the Ohrs, and a host of others.  Once they had the phony dossier in their hands, they schemed with the traitorous players at the FBI, CIA, DOJ, DNI, et al. — any other alphabet agencies that wanted in on the game.  They all hated Trump, the outsider who vowed to drain the swamp. The swamp fought back — hard.  But it lost.  Trump won, and thanks to Devin...(Read Full Post)
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