How frightened should we be? Very. How proud of Trump should we be? Very.

It is amazing that Amazon has not banned it but it is available for streaming: The Plot against the President.  If only all Americans would watch it, for it tells the truly horrific story of how a treasonous group of plotters attempted to destroy President Trump because...well, he wasn't one of them.

The film reveals to the uninitiated that the plan began with Hillary.  She commissioned Fusion GPS to develop material with which to destroy Trump, the candidate.  Fusion GPS hired all the other initial players — Christopher Steele, the Ohrs, and a host of others.  Once they had the phony dossier in their hands, they schemed with the traitorous players at the FBI, CIA, DOJ, DNI, et al. — any other alphabet agencies that wanted in on the game.  They all hated Trump, the outsider who vowed to drain the swamp.

The swamp fought back — hard.  But it lost.  Trump won, and thanks to Devin Nunes, their coup attempt was uncovered, exposed, and derailed.  While all the participants should be in prison, as yet they are not.  May justice prevail sometime in the near future!  In the meantime, the same media complex that engineered and propagated the Russia-collusion hoax is covering up, as in burying, the very real criminality of the Biden family.  In their twisted brains, this cover-up is legitimate in order to defeat Trump.  They truly do esteem party over country. 

There have been a number of great books that lay out exactly what occurred from the moment Trump announced his candidacy, his election, inauguration, and administration: Andrew McCarthy; Gregg Jarrett; Dan Bongino; Lee Smith, on whose book the film is based, to name a few.

Clearly, mainstream media stars like Lesley Stahl have not bothered to read any of them.  She and her partners in the anti-Trump media have all dismissed them out of hand, despite the prodigious research that went into the writing of each of them; each produces cold, hard facts.  Now, after all this time and all the facts laid out in all these books, Lesley and her pals in the media are sorely behind the eight-ball; they know nothing of the truth.  How else to explain Stahl's assertion that the Trump campaign was spied upon was "not verified," a stunning admission of ignorance.

But the anti-Trump left have not given up to this day.  Why do they hate this man so much?  'Tis a mystery?  Perhaps not.  He has been the best president to have graced the office since Reagan and has accomplished even more than Reagan did in his first term.  He has undone much of the damage Obama did, revivified the economy to glorious heights.  Unemployment was the lowest in history for all demographics.

Then the Wuhan virus arrived.  He handled that far better than Obama dealt with H1N1.  The help he provided to the states most in need was nothing short of miraculous.  Nevertheless, all the faux dirt the Democrats have to fling at the president is COVID.  Biden and Harris think nothing of blaming him for each and every death.  Never mind that they do not blame the leaders of all the other nations that have suffered as many if not more deaths.

With the left, it is never about truth or facts.  It is only about getting what they want.  They want Trump gone and will go to any lengths to make their dream come true.  They are going to be disappointed.  He's going to be re-elected.  The swamp hates him with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns, but the American people love him, for reasons that should be obvious.  He's going to be re-elected because he has done a great job throughout his first term.

The Democrat party, radicalized by decades of leftist indoctrination, is a blight upon the nation.  It embraces Antifa, Black Lives Matter, critical race theory, gender fluidity, the abolition of the nuclear family, the infanticide that is late-term abortion, and the rest of the destructive ideologies that have captured the left.  They thought their mastery of power over the rest of us was in the bag with the guaranteed election of Hillary in 2016.  They have never accepted her loss and they will not accept Biden's loss.  They are like small children who act out when they don't get what they want when they want it.  Be prepared for the violence they will wreak if Biden loses.  They are warning us all over the internet.  Vote our way, or suffer the consequences. 

How on Earth did we get here?  Look to academia, the media, and Hollywood.  The combined power of these three institutions has infected at least two generations of Americans who think what they see on MSNBC or Twitter or Yahoo or Facebook is truthful news.  This is what the coup-plotters depended upon — that multi-millions of people would believe the lies they spewed into the public sphere.

Thanks to Devin Nunes and his team of investigators, along with Jim Jordan, Ron Johnson and a few others, we now know that Adam Schiff is a pathological liar of the worst, most despicable kind. For four years he went on every cable and network news program and swore he had evidence of Trump's collusion with Russia. Under oath in secret, he denied he had any such proof. Schiff, along with the rest of these hoaxers, belongs in prison. So arrogant is Schiff, he thought he could get away with four years of lies meant to destroy an innocent man. Now he blames the evidence of obviously guilty-of-selling-influence Joe Biden on "Kremlin interference." Schiff is among the very worst of the double-dealing politicians US history has suffered. If the voters of his district are informed and wise, Schiff will be defeated by his opponent, Eric Early. Probably a pipe dream in Southern California, but Schiff is a very bad guy who should never have attained public office. 

The left has used every arrow in its quiver, to reference Pelosi, to destroy President Trump and they have failed. That the Trump family has survived and prevailed despite all that has been thrown at them is a testament to their strength of character and resilience. Those of us who admire and respect them all are proud of them. Those who have strived to ruin them should be ashamed of themselves, but we all know they are not. They are motivated by hate and intolerance. Watch the film.

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