How China funds and organizes riots and civil unrest in America

There is growing comprehension of the extent of China's attempts to undermine America and establish itself as the world's dominant economic and political power.  Globally, China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), begun in 2013, has spread across all continents, enrolling at least 138 countries to date.

The BRI reach is vast, and, although it lacks transparency, a common estimate is that it incorporates 38 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, 25 East Asia and Pacific countries, 17 nations in the Middle East and North Africa, 18 Latin American and Caribbean sovereignties, 6 Southeast Asia countries, and even 38 European and Central Asian countries including 18 E.U. members.  China's goal is to invest (buy) its way into these nations by first injecting its economic influence, then exercising its political force, and finally infusing its culture into BRI nations via "soft colonialism."

Not only is China exerting economic and political superiority in these nations, but Xi Jinping's BRI, under the guise of peace and security, is also establishing strategic military infrastructures in the form of naval ports, army land bases, and air force installations in BRI member countries.

Although the United States is not a BRI member, what's becoming more exposed through daily revelations is China's sub-rosa investment, insurgent involvement, and planned takeover of America's institutions and business sectors, including academia, entertainment, finance, agriculture, and others.

What is less well understood and still remains largely obscured is China's role in funding, organizing, and supporting anti-American groups responsible for the riots, looting, violence, and property destruction that have occurred over the last few months.  What is becoming ever clearer, though, is that China had a central role in providing the financial support, structural assistance, ideological manifestos, and mass and social media propaganda tools to America-hating radicals who are intent on destroying this nation and its people's way of life.

Trevor Loudon, a conservative investigative journalist, addressed China's role in the protests and riots over the summer in an Epoch Times article entitled "Cities Burn, but None Dare Call It Communist Insurrection."  Loudon laid out the framework of the U.S.-based groups and individuals empowered by communist China.

The following chart is my attempt to capture Mr. Loudon's blueprint and connect the dots in a graphical format to display and help clarify the breadth and depth of China's complex insurgent campaign to destabilize and destroy the very fabric of our society that is being played out on the streets of America.

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