Glenn Greenwald quits his own publication when it censors him

Glenn Greenwald is a leftist and someone who trades in anti-Semitic tropes.  I don't like him, but I do respect his passionate commitment to government transparency and (unusually for a leftist) freedom of speech.  In 2014, he co-founded The Intercept, an online publication dedicated to attacking government secrets.  On Thursday, Greenwald resigned from The Intercept when the editors refused to publish an article about the Biden revelations unless he removed all material that criticized Joe Biden.

Greenwald has now moved to a new site — Greenwald — where he published his resignation letter, the article that the Intercept tried to censor, and his correspondence with the Intercept editors proving that they wanted to censor his work.  They're all lengthy reads but worth your time if you're at all worried about the state of journalism in America.

What's happening now is a form of fanatic groupthink that has abandoned any pretense of reporting.  Instead, the major media outlets, as well as less well known leftist outlets such as The Intercept, have dedicated themselves entirely to defeating Trump.  They will do anything to protect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

One of the reasons that both Biden and Harris have almost vanished from view in the lead-up to the election is that the mainstream media are doing the campaigning for them.  Why should Biden and Harris attack Trump when the media will?  And why should Biden and Harris defend themselves against attacks from Trump when the media will?

The Founders understood that a predicate for a free republican democracy is an informed citizenry.  For a while there, with the advent of the internet, it looked as if America would have the most informed citizenry ever.  Instead, by closing ranks, the media outlets, the swamp rats in D.C., and the Tech Tyrants are ensuring that ordinary citizens are as uninformed as Pravda readers were at the height of the Soviet Union.

I won't waffle on longer here.  Greenwald went on a spectacular anti-media diatribe on Tucker Carlson, and it's worth listening to.  As I said, I don't like much of want Greenwald stands for, but on this matter, he's absolutely correct.  His distasteful anti-Semitism is small potatoes compared to the grave threat we face if the Democrats win the White House and Congress:

(If the video does not load, you can view it here.)

Image: Glenn Greenwald on Tucker Carlson's show.  Fox video screen grab.

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