Gavin Newsom goes 'Bananas': 'Don't forget to keep your mask on in between bites'

So Gavin Newsom of California has gotten excited about masks again, just as Joe Biden and assorted leftists have made it mask-wearing the most recitable part of the Democrats' party platform in the wake of President Trump's diagnosis of COVID.

Joe Biden is out preaching for the wearing of masks, but for Newsom, merely wearing them at the grocery store is no longer enough.

Here's his new one:

Tucker Carlson at Fox News did a good takedown:

The lunacy of it all is pretty amazing.  As Tucker notes, we all know that Newsom isn't going to bother doing it at his home, but he sure as heck expects the rest of us to bow to him.  And we also know that Newsom, a big fan of defunding the police, isn't exactly going to have a lot of cops on hand to play mask police at a time of skyrocketing crime, so it's likely that enforcement will be politically selective.

It's also incredibly bad advice no one else is giving, not the least the vaunted "scientists."  Putting a mask on and taking it off, repeatedly touching one's face, and getting food particles onto the mask is incredibly unsanitary.  Mask mouth, anyone?  This advice is simply filthy and bound to lead to unintended consequences.

It's also a day late and a dollar short, being ordered a time when COVID cases are way down in California and deaths are precipitously declining.

What it is is tin-pot dictatorial, click heels twice and come running.  A ridiculous order like this, detrimental to public health, is nothing short of the whims of a dictator drunk on power.

It's like a scene from Woody Allen's 1971 Bananas about a fictional tropical dictator who looks like Fidel Castro.  As described by the Huffington Post:

"Hear me! I am your new president. From this day on, the official language of San Marcos will be Swedish."

So utters the newly-minted revolutionary president in Woody Allen's 1971 movie, "Bananas," a comedy about a mad man who takes the reins of government in a fictional banana republic.

The bearded young leader continues as his devoted but increasingly confused band of gun-carrying supporters stops cheering to listen.

"In addition to that, all citizens will be required to change their underwear every half hour. Underwear will be worn on the outside so we can check."

It makes him look like a clown.  It's actually amazing what's going here.  As Democrats imagine themselves ready to take power, they are getting ever crazier in their unenforceable diktats to the public.  It's happening all over — from Bill de Blasio with his lunatic mask act, here, to Washington's governor who's gone into mask ecstasy, imagining masks to be aircraft carriers:

In Newsom's case, it's all entirely ironic, given his past pieties about illegal aliens fearing a knock on the door.  They shouldn't fear a knock on the door for breaking U.S. immigration law, but rest assured that the citizens should for not wearing a mask between bites.  These leftist governors seem to be feeling their oats.  They like this power over ordinary citizens who favor common sense in the wearing of masks and underst6and the risks.

With lunacies like this, we know for sure that if Joe Biden gets into the White House, it's going to get even crazier.  The bizarre power-mad diktats will fly.  The underwear will be worn on the outside, so they can check.

One more reason for voters to shut the whole thing down.  Re-elect President Trump.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of images from shareable Twitter and shareable YouTube.

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