Facebook is still slow-walking information about Hunter Biden

Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team are smarter than Jack Dorsey and his Twitter team.  When the New York Post published information about Hunter Biden's hard drive and its truly disreputable contents, Twitter blocked any references to the material and banned the New York Post from Twitter.  That got Congress's attention.  Meanwhile, Facebook opted to slow-walk material about Hunter Biden, effectively preventing anything from going viral.  This low-profile approach is dulling complaints about Facebook's muted censorship.

On Sunday, I published a post entitled "Forget the Hunter Biden sex tapes.  The real news is much bigger than that."  True to the implied promise in the post title, I alluded to the sex tapes but did not link to or discuss them.  Instead, I focused on other allegations about Joe Biden's fealty to China, about the possibility that he may have given China the names of CIA assets, and about a Taiwanese website's promise that it has millions of photos and videos of people other than Hunter Biden whom China compromised.

People immediately started notifying American Thinker and me that Facebook made it extremely difficult for them to share the article.  In some cases, Facebook told them the article violated Facebook's community standards.  Sometimes, they could complain; other times, the complaint button didn't work.  Facebook told other people the post couldn't be posted and to come back later — only "later" never arrived.  And some people got the impression that they had successfully posted the link, only to learn that Facebook had ignored it entirely.  I wrote about all those experiences here.

For a while, it looked as if Facebook was reversing its policy.  By evening, two of the people who had initially notified us that Facebook had locked them out got notices saying variations of "We're sorry we got this wrong.  We reviewed your post again and it does follow our Community Standards."

I can tell you now that Facebook is still doing its version of shadowbanning.  I tried again to post my article on Facebook and once again got the runaround.  My first attempt saw Facebook give me the message that something was wrong, and I should try again later.  My second attempt saw Facebook simply ignore the URL altogether.  I could not put up my post.  Perhaps I'll be able to later, but by then, the post will be three or four days old.  The effort to make the post go viral will be dead.

Facebook is temporarily shutting down other pro-Trump or anti-Biden efforts.  A friend of mine tried to post this comment on someone else's thread:

This country is about to take a massive IQ test, on an undreamed-of scale. Grading begins on 3rd November 2020. After completion of grading, we will know what percentage of the American people are morons & criminals.

Admittedly, it wasn't the most friendly message, but it didn't attack anyone specifically, it didn't contain threats, and it wasn't obscene.  Nevertheless, Facebook blocked it because, it said, "This comment goes against our Community Standards on hate speech."  My friend protested the decision, and Facebook reinstated the comment eight hours later.  Again, though, Facebook effectively killed the momentum.

There are ways around what Facebook is doing.  One of the simplest ways to avoid Facebook's attempt to limit anything that might hurt Biden's chances is to write like Shakespeare.  I don't mean you have to start composing sonnets.  Instead, abandon modern spelling and use the creative phonetic spelling of Shakespeare's era.

Another alternative is to use letters and symbols.  Thus, you'd use the number 4 instead of "for," the "@" symbol in place of "at," etc.  And still another way is to disguise words.  Instead of "Hunter," for example, you could call him "Hoover," as Kurt Schlichter does, or write the name as "H**nter."

If you can't share a particular URL, at least you can send your friends to the website at which they'll find the article.  Thus, you could tell your Facebook friends, "Go 2 the NY Poste & chk out what it says about H**nter B.I.D.E.N.s tweeeets."

Remember, wherever there's censorship, there's "samizdat."  In the USSR, that meant suppressed literature that dissidents secretly passed around by hand.  We conservatives need to create our own samizdat to bypass the censorship the Tech Tyrants are imposing on us.