Everything's converging to show that Biden is China's candidate

One of President Trump's big promises during the 2016 campaign was that he would take on China.  Since his election, Trump has done his best to make good on that promise.  Now, Trump's campaign has prepared a hard-hitting video to show that Biden is China's candidate and will weaken America.  It helps that the video gets support from all sorts of recently emerging facts.

When Trump ran in 2016, he spoke to ordinary Americans who had seen their livelihoods taken away as American companies moved their businesses to China.  Suddenly, they were competing with slave labor, prison labor, and people earning pennies per day.  In the world of technology and the military, what China hadn't stolen, it had purchased with help from the Clintons and Joe Biden, among others.

Trump called all of this out and promised to stop it.  And, indeed, up until China unleashed the Wuhan virus, Trump was making real headway on trade deals that would be beneficial for America; he was strengthening our military; he was forming strategic alliances with other Asian nations; and he was putting pressure on countries around the world to back away from deals with Huawei, which would have allowed China to monitor just about every communication across the globe.  Trump even went to war against TikTok.

Joe Biden has consistently countered Trump's efforts, saying (more or less), "Come on, man!" and insisting that Trump is alienating a country that is America's good friend and no threat whatsoever, either economically or militarily.  In the last week, though, Hunter Biden's laptop has exposed his deals with China and revealed that Joe Biden was a beneficiary of those deals.

Tony Bobulinski, who was CEO of a partnership that would have brought together Hunter Biden and a major Chinese corporation with ties to the Chinese government and military, claims to have emails, phone calls, and text messages, all showing that Hunter was selling access to Joe Biden.  Tonight, Tucker Carlson will dedicate his show to interviewing Bobulinski, who will apparently play recordings of phone calls with people begging him not to mention Joe Biden's strong ties to China.

A Taiwan-based news outlet headed by a Chinese dissident billionaire says it has proof that Hunter Biden lived a life of extraordinary debauchery and that both Joe and China knew — meaning that China had control over Joe.  The Taiwanese concern claims it has the evidence to support this allegation and proof that other heavy hitters are also subject to Chinese's blackmail.

The Epoch Times, which reports from Hong Kong and has a strong bias against the Chinese Communist Party, has also reported on Joe's connections to China.  It points to an opinion piece that Joe (or someone in his campaign) wrote for the World Journal, a Chinese newspaper in New York.  In the essay, Joe promised to partner with China and "public health and climate change."  He also pledged to work more closely with Taiwan, but it's hard to imagine him opposing the Chinese government on that issue.

It's against that backdrop that the Trump campaign has created a powerful video that Trump is playing it at his rallies:

All of the information currently available indicates that Biden, should he become president of the United States, will be far more interested in cultivating China's interests than he will be in working on America's behalf.