Europe's COVID second wave spike shows the futility of lockdowns and mask mandates, as well as the phoniness of the Dems' criticism of Trump

I take no schadenfreude joy in the resurgence of the coronavirus in the European countries that have imposed drastic lockdowns and mask mandates.  The enormous costs — economic, medical and psychological — of locking up the populace have not purchased any benefit.  Vijeta Uniyal reports at Legal Insurrection: Europe is experiencing the full fury of Wuhan coronavirus with the death toll surpassing that of the United States. "Across Europe, the number of infections since the start of the pandemic is now above 8.2 million and more than 258,000 people have died from COVID-19," French TV network EuroNews confirmed on Saturday. Germany is among the worst hit, with the number of deaths due to the Chinese virus crossing 10,000 on Saturday. "The rise in infections has spurred a number of local measures to be implemented across the country, and officials have warned of a national lockdown," public...(Read Full Post)
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