Donald Trump: The epitome of American grit

President Donald J. Trump is the epitome of American grit and guts.  He is an exceptional president because he has accomplished the goals for which he was elected and has not flinched from his commitment to do what is right for our country though powerful people seek to assassinate his effectiveness, waylay his progress, and overthrow his rightfully and justly achieved position.

Donald J. Trump is not a wimp or coward.  He is a vanguard of the American spirit that the founders themselves possessed.

When you consider what the president has accomplished in 3.5 years, it is truly remarkable.  He's built the security wall, he's brought back American jobs, he's thwarted communist China's economic dominance, he's deregulated businesses, he's lowered taxes, he's supported Israel, he's replaced NAFTA, he's revived patriotism, he's disavowed the Iran deal and climate accords, he's fearlessly implemented "America First" policies, he's rebuilt our military, overhauled Veteran services, delegitimized the communist news networks, stared down Kim Jung-un, provided respirators across the nation, smashed economic records, and surrounded himself with advisers who are constitutionally fit to help lead this nation.

Add to this list of accomplishments the democratic socialists' war against his administration, and you will have to admit that there is an unseen force behind our present Executive Branch that keeps it thriving!

The lies and hate that abound toward our president are a revelation of constitutional apostasy among many of our elected leaders.  The Russian collision organized crime ring lead by the DNC was a treason against our constitutional republic.  The swamp is so swampy and filled with criminals that the only way to overcome it is walk on it.

Many elected criminals in Washington, D.C. are out for political blood, yet the president is still standing on top of the mire and confusion, and his shoes aren't wet with one sign of resignation or retreat!  Collusion, Stormy Daniels, impeachment, tax returns, COVID shutdowns, riots, and voting fraud have not kept the President from serving and performing his duties, nor from exposing the magnitude of the criminal barbarity committed by our political elite.

Our nation is at war with a perplexing enemy that shades itself in the legislative branches of our constitutional republic while seeking to undermine it and destroy it, and our president is in the crosshairs of this organized and potential overthrow as he faithfully represents all who embrace traditional values and our patriotic constitutional unity.

The only way to overcome these elected insurgents is seek the Lord, preach Christ, and actively support this president's policies by giving him your vote.  When our Founding Fathers signed their names to the Declaration of Independence, they were driven by the American spirit's love for truth.  It took guts, savvy, and grit to commit to the risk of losing all.  There is a cost to freedom; how many Americans are willing to pay the price now?

President Trump has proven that he is willing to pay this price for the sake of our nation's preservation under God and the people who elected him.

How many of us possess the same fortitude and commitment to our beloved homeland?  That question will be answered in November 2020.

It is my prayer that God will intervene in this great nation as He did in 2016; there is no other explanation as to how our president won the election when the concerted effort of the political, criminal elite's power base, financial superiority, and unilaterally organized deception was amassed to defeat him.

Please join me in praying for our country and for God's gracious intervention once again.

May we all have the grit to stand for righteousness and truth in our great nation and preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as the primary strategy!

Image: Ninian Reid via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 (cropped).

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