Democrats shiver as Colombia's bigfoot politicians throw their weight behind Trump

Democrats have made life miserable for Colombians and their nation for years, treating America's longtime ally as if it were some dump run by the mullahs of Iran.

Sanctions, threats, backbiting, treaty withholding — that's all they do.  Any friend of America is no friend of theirs, so Colombia holds a special little cold spot for them.  They act as if they hate the place, because in fact, they do. 

Just this past summer, they threatened to cut off military aid, citing "human rights abuses," based on some rogue actors in the military.  It was the height of hypocrisy, given that Colombia needed the money to fight Marxist narco-terrorists, comparable to cutting off funds to police at a time when Antifa is rampaging.  It's the old double standard.  When Castro's state agents do human rights violations, fine, maybe a little lip service if they're thinking about the Florida vote.  When rogue agents do it in Colombia, don't just blame a few bad apples.  Throw the book at the entire country.  This, by the way, is the same bunch that held up Colombia's free trade pact with the U.S. for years, relenting only when President Alvaro Uribe, who freed the country from FARC's stranglehold, left office.  They hated Uribe.

So now they're yelling about Colombia again, this time because Colombian officials are openly sharing their liking and admiration for President Trump — and urging Colombian-Americans in Miami to get out and vote for him. 

Here's the Guardian:

At least three senior Colombian politicians have been accused of acting as Trump surrogates in Florida, a pivotal battleground state which has been flooded with political advertising and fake news aimed at Latino voters.

Senators Maria Fernanda Cabal and Carlos Felipe Mejía, and congressman Juan David Vélez, all members of the hard-right ruling Democratic Centre party, have endorsed Trump and regularly promote him on Twitter.

Francisco Santos, Colombia’s ambassador to the United States, has also been accused by opposition lawmakers of privately coordinating with the Trump campaign. Santos did not respond to requests for comment.

Here are two congressmen, Rep. Gregory Meeks and Rep. Ruben Gallego, writing for CNN:

In recent weeks, we have noticed a deeply troubling trend: Several Colombian politicians are publicly choosing sides in the US election. Politicians such as Senator María Fernanda Cabal, Senator Carlos Felipe Mejía, and Congressman Juan David Vélez — a dual US-Colombian citizen, whom we could more reasonably expect to participate in American democracy — have taken to social media, and one has taken to the press to take sides in America's upcoming presidential vote. Some have even repeated the fabrication that Vice President Joe Biden is a communist or a radical socialist. Earlier, Senator Gustavo Petro also weighed in, expressing a preference for Biden on Twitter.

"WE WILL MAKE COLOMBIA GREAT AGAIN," Vélez wrote on Twitter this month, retweeting a President Trump tweet calling Biden a "PUPPET of CASTRO-CHAVISTAS" in the Democratic Party. Cabal insinuated Biden is controlled by the loose collection of left-leaning activists known as Antifa. Mejía tweeted a two-minute video from Latinos for Trump in which campaign aide Mercedes Schlapp, in response to Petro's endorsing Biden, calls Biden "the candidate of the radical left" and compares him to communists.

For the good of both of our countries, this kind of behavior has to end now.

JournoList-coordinated talking points, anyone?  See how they coordinate.

After years of tormenting Colombia and treating the country as their personal whipping boy, they're surprised the Colombian pols are endorsing Trump?

And telling Colombian-American voters to go vote for him? 

Here's what's cool about it:

Colombian-Americans, contrary to what you might think, are a huge voting bloc in Florida, with Google reporting that Colombian expats in Florida number more than 1 million people.  They are the third biggest Florida Latino voting bloc after the Cubans and Puerto Ricans, and they are big fans of President Trump.  Just yesterday, a Colombian-born rapper, who goes by the nickname "Lil Pump," came out and said he is voting for President Trump.  The press noticed only that he is black.  But Colombians recognized one of their own.

At 5% of the Florida population, they may well be the reason Trump wins Florida. 

Colombians, remember, are here mostly because one way or another, they have fled terrorism.  They hate terrorists with a purple passion, feeling about the same way about it as the average American does Antifa.  

Democrats for years have downplayed that reality for them, acting as if Marxist terrorism doesn't even exist. 

Now Colombian-Americans are shaping up to become a reliably conservative voting bloc, with respectable and big-name local politicians egging them on, linking Colombia's greatness to Trump's re-election, no doubt influencing the Colombian-American electorate.  Only despicable creatures, such as the loathsome, openly Chavista longtime politician named Gustavo Petro, are in opposition.  Other leftists are suddenly interested in foreign interference in U.S. elections.  Petro, who is the Bill Ayers of his country, like Antifa, openly endorses Biden, just as Colombia's other leaders openly endorse Trump.

Colombians are very likely to heed that advice. which is why Democrats are so desperate to stop them.  They're scrambling.  They're trying to sweep up every vote.  They are, like a lot of us, waiting to vote on election day, which is why Democrats are making such a stink.  It's passing strange that the U.S. embassy has attempted to dissuade Colombians from expressing an opinion, too, same as Meeks and Gallego, about their commander in chief.  The Deep State lives, and the embassy there is overdue for a housecleaning.

But it's Democrats who are most worthy of scorn.  In all those years of tormenting Colombia, it never occurred to them that Colombians formed a large and important voting bloc, in Florida, with Colombians themselves about 5% of the population?  This isn't rocket science.  Democrats have long learned to respect the Cuban-American vote in the name of winning Florida, saying Marxist stuff only when outside Florida's borders.  Now they've been caught with their pants down on Colombian-Americans, too.

Joe Biden claims that President Trump has burned bridges with all of America's allies.  This Colombian pro-Trump bloc shows that things are so hunky-dory between the U.S. and Colombia that the Democrats are scrambling.  One can only think "suck it up" to such people, given that they have made their own bed.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of Pixabay public domain image.

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