Decorated war hero moves to oust freshman rep in western Pennsylvania

Sean Parnell has an excellent chance to help the Republicans win the House and remove Nancy Pelosi as speaker.  A strong turnout for President Trump will help Parnell win.

Parnell is the Republican candidate for the 17th Congressional District in western Pennsylvania.  His opponent is incumbent Connor Lamb, elected in 2018.  Lamb campaigned that he would be an independent working for the best interests of his district in western Pennsylvania, but he served as sure vote for Pelosi.

Parnell served as an Army Ranger and combat infantryman with the elite 10th Mountain Division.  He spent 485 days of fighting along the Afghan-Pakistani border.  On June 10, 2006, Parnell was wounded after his platoon was nearly overrun by Taliban terrorists, who outnumbered his platoon almost ten to one.  He refused to leave his men behind.  He continued to battle the Taliban at point-blank range.  He was awarded two Bronze Stars, one for Valor, and a Purple Heart.

Parnell is also an author.  He wrote a memoir about his Afghanistan service in Outlaw Platoon and thrillers Man of War, One True Patriot, and All-out War.

His opponent, Connor Lamb, followed Nancy Pelosi over 90% in House votes.  He voted to impeach President Trump.  He was one of 15 Democrats who did not vote for Pelosi for Speaker only because their votes were not needed and thus were given a pass so they could campaign that they did not vote for Pelosi.  He followed Pelosi to prevent a vote on the Born Alive Act that would protect babies who survive abortions.  He received a $5,000 political contribution from Planned Parenthood, which is spending millions to elect pro-abortion candidates such Joe Biden in 2020.

He has an F from the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, which stated:

Representative Lamb has consistently voted against efforts to protect the lives of the unborn as well as the consciences of taxpayers who don't want their hard-earned tax dollars paying for abortion domestically or internationally. Rep. Lamb has worked to prevent the implementation of the Trump administration's pro-life regulatory efforts.

This is particularly disturbing and hypocritical because in his 2018 campaign, Lamb touted his "Catholic" education at Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School, which has a large and dedicated alumni network that helped him win.  Abortion is an intrinsic evil in the Catholic faith.

Lamb lied that he did not vote against the Born Alive Act.  He refused to vote to discharge the bill to force Pelosi to bring the bill to vote.  Lamb voted with Pelosi to prevent the bill from being voted upon.  Some Catholic.

Lamb's brother re- tweeted to Sean Parnell, "Burn in Hell and Die."

Lamb has an F rating from the NRA and an A from Planned Parenthood.  He supports Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, who oppose fracking.  The natural gas industry has revitalized the economy of western Pennsylvania.  In fact, the Boilermakers Local Union 154 has endorsed President Trump because of his support for the natural gas industry.

Lamb supports Joe Biden for President and Kamala Harris for V.P.  This means he will vote the Biden agenda if Biden wins: to end fossil fuels, end fracking, increase income taxes, adopt more job-killing regulations, Green New Deal, emasculate the Second Amendment, abortion on demand,  increase and pack the Supreme Court with left-wing judges, admit D.C. and Puerto Rico as states, free health care for illegal aliens, stop building the wall on the Mexican border, sanctuary cities, and amnesty for illegal aliens.

This is the "manifesto" agenda that Bernie Sanders forced Joe Biden to agree to in return for the left's support.  It is not the agenda for western Pennsylvania.

Sean Parnell will serve the best interests of western Pennsylvania to protect the fossil fuel and natural gas industry, protect innocent babies who survive abortion, and continue the Trump agenda of reducing taxes and regulations to increase the economy.

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