Comrade Ocasio-Cortez has big plans for your dinner plate

Listen up, worker ants: People's Commissar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is, once again, more than a little interested in what's on your dinner plate. AOC addresses the big challenges. — Fiery but peaceful Mike (@Doranimated) October 16, 2020 She begins by lamenting what a classic food desert the Bronx is, discriminating against minorities because she couldn't find fresh basil at the local bodegas for a gazpacho recipe she was making at home. As a Bronx resident, there have been many times, it's almost a way of life, where it can be very difficult to get access to fresh and healthy foods. I remember one of the earliest times, like, one of the worst stories I have about this, was that I was very excited, to make, I think I was making gazpacho, or something like that, I looked at this recipe, I needed basil, and um, I was going home, and I get off the subway...(Read Full Post)
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