China is America's enemy but Joe Biden's friend

The China Virus is reported to have killed over 230,000  Americans.

China fentanyl, a synthetic opioid,  is a major cause of the drug overdose deaths of over 70,000 Americans each year.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 80–100 times stronger than morphine.

But Democrats and their media lapdogs do not blame China.  Instead, the Democrats and the media blame President Trump for his efforts to combat the China virus and China fentanyl, and worse, the media  protect Joe Biden by refusing to report and cover the New York Post stories that reveal China's payments to the Bidens.

China failed to notify the world in December 2019, and specifically our country, that the coronavirus (China virus), which started in Wuhan, had spread.  China failed to stop travel from Wuhan to Europe and other parts of the world.

We could have shut down travel from China in December if China had told us the truth, thus saving thousands of lives.

China has also failed to stop the export of fentanyl.  China produces much of the fentanyl that has caused overdose deaths in our country.  Approximately 70,000 Americans have died each year recently due to the drug overdoses, primarily from fentanyl.

The fentanyl comes to our country directly from China through the mail, but mostly through the criminal gangs in  Mexico who smuggle it across the southern border.

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) reported in January 2020 that China is the primary source of fentanyl:

Currently, China remains the primary source of fentanyl and fentanyl-related substances trafficked through international mail and express consignment operations environment, as well as the main source for all fentanyl-related substances trafficked into the United States.

We know that drugs that kill Americans are smuggled through the Mexico-USA border.  A border wall and border security would greatly reduce the amount of drugs, which would reduce the number of drug overdose deaths.

Yet Joe Biden and  the Democrats and media oppose building the wall.

As part of the corrupt media's refusal to cover China paying the Bidens, Twitter and Facebook restricted access to the New York Post stories about Hunter and Joe Biden receiving money from China.  Why?

The corrupt media know the truth about China paying the Bidens and about the China fentanyl smuggled through Mexico.  For example,  on May 21, 2019, the New York Times confirmed Peter Schweizer's "Secret Empires" story that China gave Hunter Biden 1.5 billion dollars when Joe Biden was vice president to "invest."

Anyone can access the DEA website to learn that China fentanyl is smuggled through the Mexican border.

China intentionally refused to notify our country and the rest of the world in December 2019 about the coronavirus.  China intentionally fails to stop the export of fentanyl.  These are not the actions of a friend.  This conduct kills Americans and damages our country.  But the corrupt media are trying to protect Joe Biden by covering up and dismissing the China financial connections with Biden.

In addition to the China virus and China fentanyl, China steals our technology and intellectual property that costs our country between $300 and 600 billion in losses per year.  The FBI reported in February 2020 that China is the biggest law enforcement threat to the United States and that China was seeking to steal American technology by "any means necessary."

Biden refuses to answer questions about his family's financial connections with China.  This is the same Biden who participated in the Obama-Biden-Hillary Russia Hoax in the failed coup against President Trump.

President Trump has promised to maintain the tariffs against China in his second term.

China favors Biden as our president.

Biden must be defeated, and President Trump must be re-elected, to prevent China from having a subservient, docile Biden in the Oval Office.

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