BLM rioters move into rich, liberal suburb as resident complains that they are supporters

Affluent liberals deceive themselves that they will get a "pass" from violent radical revolutionaries if they sympathize enough with their causes.  The latest group to begin to learn the hard way lives in swing state Wisconsin. The latest Black Lives Matter mostly peaceful™ protest is in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, an affluent (average household income above $100,000) Milwaukee suburb that gave Hillary Clinton 62% more votes than Donald Trump in 2016.  The casus belli is explained by the New York Times: The Milwaukee [County] district attorney said Wednesday that he would not prosecute a Wisconsin police officer who fatally shot an armed Black teenager in a mall parking lot in February, setting off renewed protests over the killing. Joseph Mensah, a Black police officer in the Wauwatosa Police Department, shot the teenager, Alvin Cole, 17, on Feb. 2 after he refused to put down a firearm and ran away from the police...(Read Full Post)
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