Black voters no longer drinking media Kool-Aid

My film and book of the same name, The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America, are continuing have an impact on all Americans.  They are especially helping to awaken black Americans about the race hoaxes the Democrats and their media allies have been playing on them.  As I spelled out in my speech last year at the National Press Club, they use these hoaxes to control black thinking and ultimately black voting.

When the COVID crisis began, quickly followed by the George Floyd incident and riots, I put the Trayvon Hoax film on YouTube for free.  It has since garnered more than 225,000 views and thousands of comments.  The comments from black youths are both sad and revealing.  They talk openly about the massive anxiety they were made to experience over the fear of being shot down in the streets by armed white men.

Here is an email I received this week that I believe is worth sharing.  It comes from a young black woman named Lori who lives in Florida (I have made only three minor style edits).  Having read scores of other such comments, I would not be surprised if black Americans vote for Trump in no small part as a backlash against the media and Democrat race hoaxes they have had to endure.

Dear Director Gilbert:

As a lifelong resident in the State of Florida, the Trayvon Martin case gripped the state of Florida and the nation. At that time, the public trusted the news media and, with that said, we believed the narrative pushed by Attorney Benjamin Crump. I have begun to connect the dots with Attorney Crump's false narratives due to numerous cases where he race-baits--Michael Brown, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Jacob Blake. His narrative is accepted as fact by the mainstream news media and never challenged or questioned. Your documentary is on-spot with indisputable forensic facts.

Many black people drank the Kool-aid about Trayvon Martin. Trusting the news media, as a black person, I assumed their reporting was accurate, but with the most recent Breonna Taylor case I'm now 'woke' about the manipulation from the news and how Attorney Ben Crump uses the news to push false narratives to strong arm cities into large monetary settlements.

I have shared the link for your documentary on social media and with my family. Thanks for exposing the truth. Not all black people are still drinking Mr. Crump's Kool-aid about Trayvon Martin. He leaves a path of riots he incited that causes destruction, property damage to small businesses and bodily injuries. He has ruined lives of the falsely accused in the name of 'justice' for his self-gain.

My suspicious antenna went up about Mr. Crump when he suddenly bounced from Minneapolis to Louisville, KY. There are millions of attorneys so why is it he seems to be on the scene every time white police officers shoot or injure a black suspect (in most cases who was violently resisting arrest).

This November 3 will tell the tale as to how far black Americans have come in rejecting media narratives and race hoaxes that have been deployed against them for so long.  According to Lori, the scam is up!

Hollywood film director Joel Gilbert (@JoelSGilbert) is president of Highway 61 Entertainment.  Among his many films are political documentaries including The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided AmericaTrump: The Art of the InsultThere's No Place Like UtopiaDreams from My Real FatherAtomic Jihad, and Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and the Revolt of Islam.

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