Biden’s most revealing gaffe yet

Joe Biden has a well-deserved reputation as a gaffe machine, but an offhand comment yesterday in Pennsylvania while addressing a parking lot with a few cars in it, tells us exactly what we need to know about him at this precise moment. 

Hillary Clinton’s notorious “basket of deplorables” slur about those who supported Trump has become immortal, probably her most famous words ever, nudging aside the previous champion, her contention that a “vast right wing conspiracy” was the force behind her husband’s problems over exploiting a young intern to receive fellatio in the Oval Office suite.

But for reasons that I will explain below, Joe’s insult does even more blowback damage to him.

Watch as Biden refers to those who oppose him as “chumps” (and coughs into his hand – don’t shake hands with him, folks, ever):



Hillary’s insult revealed class snobbery, which is repellant, particularly from a grasping grifter who rose to the heights of power and wealth through influence-peddling and crooked deals, like her cattle futures trades that always resulted in profits and resulted in a hundred grand in profits and then stopped forever.  

Snobbery is bad, no doubt, but openly characterizing common folk (aka, the voters) as chumps reveals felonious intent. A chump is someone to exploit with con games. And because Democrats always accuse Republicans of doing the nefarious activities that they, the Democrats, are doing, it is Biden’s voters who are treated as the chumps.

That’s always been true because Biden’s pose is as “Scranton Joe,” the working class guy, while he acts to exploit those very people.  His consistent sponsorship of legislation to screw working class people on credit card interest rates and bankruptcy protection won him the title “senator from MBNA.” Read the Mother Jones treatment of his perfidy.

But in the current environment, credit card exploitation of the “chumps” who run up debt at 18% or more interest rates is small beer. Selling out the working class to China by exporting factories and facilitating China’s membership in the WTO, and characterizing them as nothing to worry about as China schemes to undermine our political system and sow the seeds of revolution, is much more serious. Especially if China has enough blackmail material on him to make him into a pawn.

Selwyn Duke perceptively notes today that “Biden aims his fire downwards,” that he attacks those with less power. But it is even worse: he exploits them, cynically, holding them in contempt as suckers, ripe for fleecing.  

In the 9 days of campaigning left, we are going to see a lot more evidence of Biden’s China treachery. The “chumps” have been sold a phony image of Joe, as a sentient capable politician, as a champion of the working class, and as a champion of American interest. But the thing about treating people as chumps is that once the disguise and the con game is revealed, they get angry. Very angry.

And they vote.

Photo credit: Twitter video screengrab

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