Biden accidentally reveals the mask con job

Yesterday, while campaigning in Nevada, Joe Biden behaved spontaneously and demonstrated that he does not really believe masks offer protection against the spread of Covid-19.  The mask mandate that Biden proposes is useful for demagoguing President Trump as a “super spreader” because he does not wear them 100% of the time but only when he is in close proximity to others. The governmental mandates and constant drumbeat of propaganda forcing people to wear masks whenever in public serve to accustom us to automatically do what we are told by government authorities, and symbolize our submission to them, while crippling nonverbal communication among a population that may wish to resist authoritarianism.

Watch Biden pull down is mask in order to cough into his hand while speaking at a podium in Nevada, well more than 6 feet distant from other humans: (7 second video)



The entire ostensible purpose of wearing a mask is to capture droplets, and the most powerful spreader of droplets is a cough. By coughing into his hand, Biden is contaminating it, enabling his touch to spread the virus to others through direct touch, or via doorknobs or other objects. Were President Trump to cough into his hand, you can be certain that MSMers would claim he has “blood on his hands.”

The truth is that masks offer little protection, unless they are tightly-fitted (and difficult to breathe through) N95 masks. The summary of the scientific evidence is highly informative. But on a practical level, simply note that Florida, which stopped enforcement of mask mandates by local authorities two weeks ago, has had no increase in Covid cases.

It’s a con job. Nancy Pelosi, who was caught walking around her hairdresser’s salon – that she forced to reopen for her personal use – without a mask, knows it. Biden, as we saw yesterday,  knows it. And the Democrat Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolfe, knows it, and cynically joked about the “political theatre” of masks when caught on an open mic talking with a Democrat state representative:

For the gullible progressives – the kind of people you see wearing a mask while jogging, riding a bicycle or driving alone – masks are talismans, magical objects that confer immunity.

The problem seems to be that with the media in on the con game, it is working spectacularly.

Photo credit: Twitter video screengrab

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