Attacking due process on campus might be Joe Biden's most glaring hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of Joe Biden's 2020 platform is sometimes even more infuriating than its substance.  He's chosen to run as an anti-police, empty-the-jails "social justice" warrior despite boasting for decades about how he wanted to "lock the SOBs up" and how he's been integral to "every major crime bill since 1976."  He's also running as a "Made in America" nationalist despite having led the charge to flood America with cheap Chinese goods and admit the People's Republic into the World Trade Organization. There are numerous other examples, but none is so galling as Biden promising to deny college students accused of sexual misconduct even the most basic due process rights.  The kangaroo courts that he wants to mandate by law on college campuses would already have heard enough from his own sexual assault accuser, former staffer Tara Reade, to destroy his...(Read Full Post)
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