Antifa mob attacks Starbucks in Seattle

Virtue signaling and political contributions to progressives haven’t bought any immunity from the mob for Seattle-based Starbucks. The global retail powerhouse offering strong coffee and caloric, caffeine-laced milkshakes has long been among the friendliest allies of progressive politics. Last June, after BLM mobs raged, destroying swaths of Minneapolis and other cities, the chain didn’t merely permit its baristas to wear BLM t-shirts, it actually distributed a quarter million of them to be worn at work.

The coffee chain said Friday that it would distribute 250,000 T-shirts bearing social slogans including “Black Lives Matter” and “It’s not a moment, It’s a movement” to employees at company-owned stores in the U.S. and Canada. Until they arrive, Starbucks said baristas could wear their own attire in support of the social movement.

Political engagement flows from the top down, with its former CEO Howard Schultz even toying with running for president before finally endorsing Joe Biden . When it comes to political contributions to presidential candidates by employees, Bernie Sanders received a plurality of 36.4%, 11.6% went to Joe Biden, 8% went to Elizabeth Warren, 5.3% went to Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang got 4% and bringing up the rear, 3.6% went to Donald Trump.

David Paulin emails:

I guess the "protesters" didn't know about all the liberal causes that Starbucks supports -- or fact that CEO Howard Schultz supports Joe Biden….  Remember how Starbucks closed down for a day a while ago to offer employees racial sensitivity training?

None of this posturing purchased protection. Antifa, which is just an “idea” according to Joe Biden, managed to field an impressive army bearing shields reminiscent of a Roman legion:

The mob rampaged beyond just Starbucks, but managed to indicate that trashing the chain’s window was a priority:

Here is video of the attack:

Graphic credits: YouTube screengrabs

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