After surgery Wednesday to remove a large tumor on his neck, Dan Bongino tweeted that it may be cancer

Two weeks after he announced in an emotional episode on his daily radio podcast that he had developed a large tumor on his neck, Dan Bongino, 48, had surgery in a New York City hospital on Wednesday to remove the growth.  Prior to the surgery, Bongino continued to tweet to his 2.4 million Twitter followers his opinions on political topics and to retweet others as if nothing was amiss.  At 4:41 P.M. E.T. yesterday, ever optimistic, he tweeted that he was out of surgery but that the outlook was mixed. Reflecting Bongino's popularity and his deep and loyal following, my article about his impending surgery at American Thinker on Monday in which I requested prayers for our patriot friend attracted an  extremely large readership and literally thousands of comments on social media promising prayers for Dan.  The article caught the attention of conservative leading lights Mark Levin and Sean Hannity — both of whom tweeted links to my...(Read Full Post)
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