About that so-called 'security guard' who gunned down a Trump supporter in Denver

Was a local Denver television station hiring violent Antifa supporters to act as their personal security guards? 

That's what it's starting to look like, given that Saturday, an apparent radical leftist was hired as a 'security guard' by local news station 9News/KUSA, who then got into a shouting altercation with an anti-communist group member, pulled out a gun, and opened fire on Lee Keltner, shooting him dead. It happened at dueling rallies in Denver's civic center between Black Lives Matter/Antifa/Communist Party USA supporters, and assorted biker-like anti-communist groups holding a rally called "Patriot Muster." 

Much of the focus now is on who was to blame, or whether the 'security guard' was somehow provoked.

But how the heck did this guy have a role as a security guard for newsmen covering protestors?  Matthew Dolloff was a non-employee "contractor," supposedly connected to the Pinkerton agency, according to 9News, and he acted as the 'security guard' for newsmen covering the yelling and screaming rallies. However, he had no security certification, as required by law. He was just a scruffy character with an Occupy! Denver past with a gun.

Was he really a security guard, or was he a leftist protestor? Based on the filmed sequences here, it appears he was acting as a leftist protestor.



The Denver Post has a photo slideshot here.

Red State has the real scoop on all the unanswered questions as to how this guy found himself in the pay of the local news station and maybe others.

First, Dolloff was not a licensed security guard.  The City of Denver has a municipal ordinance requiring anyone employed as a “security guard” to possess a city license authorizing the person to work in that capacity inside Denver city limits.  To get the license the applicant must complete the specified training.  If the applicant is to be armed as a security guard, he must undergo some additional training, and pass a firearms proficiency course.  If the security guard is going to work in a “plain clothes” capacity — as Dolloff was — he must undergo even more training before getting the license.  An official for the City of Denver licensing department responded to a news inquiry that they have no application or file for anyone named Matthew Dolloff as holding the necessary license issued by the City of Denver.

Second, Dolloff didn’t work for Pinkerton as claimed by “9News”, the NBC affiliate station in Denver who said they hired him to be security for their news crew at the protest.  A statement issued by Pinkerton on Sunday said they did not employ Dolloff, but that he worked for a contractor.  I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it could be that Pinkerton contracts with a local security company to provide manpower when Pinkerton has a contract in a location not close to one of their offices.  Or it could be that Pinkerton has licensed use of their name to independently owned companies, and those independent companies employ the individual security guards.

I'd like to see the pay stubs, either to Pinkerton, the supposed subcontractor, or Dolloff himself. It almost makes one wonder if the "security guard" who sure as heck wasn't doing security for the reporters the way normal security guards do, was actually some kind of protection-racket goon. 9News now says they have no idea who he worked for, and rather disingenuously reports in its spoken video: "But's not clear who actually employs Dolloff." But somehow he's 'protecting' reporters for 9News.

They do admit that the evidence points to this guy being a radical leftist. There is no official declaration (yet) from authorities that the man was Antifa, but 9News reported that he's got quite a past as a rabid radical leftist in his Occupy! Denver days in 2011, his attendance at Bernie Sanders rallies, and his social media posts of anti-Trump political cartoons.

Creepier still, at least one 9News/KUSA reporter is considered by Antifa as "one of us" according to RedState:

Third, at least one well-known field reporter for 9News — Kyle Clark — is is identified by a BLM/Antifa website as being “one of us” in a Twitter comment saying the 9News reporter didn’t need security because they would protect him “Kyle is one of us.” 

That dovetails well with reports that many news reporters have ties to Antifa, and if so, this might be an example of one.Antifa is a secretive, organized "resistance" movement of al-Qaida like organization, which most definitely includes the press. As I wrote a month ago:

Based on the arrest photos of apprehended Antifa rioters, the impression is out there that the group is little more than a bunch of extremist fringe crazies.

Sadly, it's not so. 

Report after report shows that Antifa is highly organized, in its rioting, its killing, and its press coverage.

The last element disturbing element is in the meaning of what went down itself. Shooting into crowds, to take one member down, and scare the rest away, is an old technique perfected by Hugo Chavez, since at least 2006 in what was then a rapidly Marxifying Venezuela. 

Black Lives Matter leaders call themselves "trained Marxists" and have been in active touch with Chavez, making trips to Caracas to be with him. Might they and their Antifa sidekicks (whom I observed as Revolutionary Communist Party members at Chavista meetings in Caracas itself in 2005) have learned that that particular technique - to shoot into crowds to scare them away? It's a technique which ultimately derives from Venezuela's Cuban masters, who are masters of mob thuggery. I wrote about that here. If so, it suggests a pretty dangerous turn of events not the least for the press, which is now virtually non-existent in Venezuela.

What, indeed, was 9News doing, employing an uncertified unprofessional, fully goonworthy guy like this?

Image credit: Twitter screen shot

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