A Biden administration will wreak havoc among low-wage workers

The Heritage Foundation has issued a detailed study comparing President Trump's immigration policies with the policies that Joe Biden has promised to put in place.  Briefly, Biden will turn back the clock on immigration in every way imaginable, inviting more immigrants (and illegal aliens), ending security protections, and showering immigrants and illegal aliens with taxpayer money.  The people who will be hurt most will be America's low-wage workers, who have benefited in the last four years from not having to compete with people who can be paid exploitative wages.

The Democrats have always framed illegal immigration from the viewpoint of the illegal alien.  Even though Democrats manifestly despise America (too white, too capitalist, too systemically racist, too burdened with an outdated Constitution), they have insisted that impoverished and illiterate people should be allowed to benefit from America's wealth and freedom by sneaking over the border.  America is cruel, too, when it refuses to invite economic refugees from countries that slaughter Jews and Christians, execute homosexuals, and subordinate women.

Donald Trump saw things differently.  He saw America's low-wage workers — many of whom are minorities — suffering terrible economic harm as their jobs were shipped overseas, and the jobs remaining went to illegal aliens who could be paid substandard wages.  The doctors, lawyers, and social workers weeping over illegal aliens never shed a tear for those Americans, both minorities and whites, who couldn't find jobs and found solace in opioids.  Democrats had disdain for marginalized whites and conveniently ignored the plight of marginalized minorities.

During the past four years, Trump's policies have hugely benefited low-wage workers.  Most of the focus has been on the lower taxes and fewer regulations (both of which Biden promises to reverse) that have allowed businesses to flourish and hire new workers.  Likewise, Trump's trade deals have slowed the way other countries (especially China) took both America's money and jobs.  However, there's been little emphasis on how Trump has decreased both legal and illegal immigration in America.

Among other things, during his first term, Trump partnered with Mexico to stop the caravans of illegal aliens trying to storm America's border, blocked travel from countries that exported terrorism, cracked down on immigration fraud, and decreased the number of refugees allowed in the country (most of whom were economic refugees).  Trump would undoubtedly have done more if he hadn't had to battle NeverTrumps and RINOs in Congress and leftist federal judges during his first two years, only to find himself stuck with a Democrat-run House during his second two years.

Trump's efforts meant fewer immigrant claims on taxpayer dollars and less immigrant competition with low-wage workers.  That's how you end up with this moving video from Gary Lamb, explaining how Trump's policies finally allowed him to get ahead:

The Heritage Foundation report examines Trump's and Biden's immigration policies.  It concludes that a Biden administration will undo everything Trump has done on immigration and revert to the Obama-era policies.  Here are just a few of the many examples backing up that conclusion.

Biden has stated that he intends to stop all work on the wall and focus only on entry ports.  He intends to reinstate enrollment in the illegal DACA program, protecting young illegal aliens from being deported, and make all "DREAMers" (estimated at 3.6 million illegal aliens under 18) eligible for federal student aid and free community college.  He will also reinstate "DAPA," which is essentially an amnesty program for the 3.6 million illegal aliens who are parents of the DACA youths.  All of these illegal aliens compete with native-born Americans for jobs and education.

While Trump has indicated (despite his base's opposition) that he is willing to negotiate an amnesty in exchange for other immigration laws that will benefit Americans, Biden doesn't want a quid pro quo.  He intends to give citizenship to nearly 11 million illegal aliens.  That's a lot of jobs that won't go to Americans.

Since Day One, Trump has tried to protect Americans from immigrants coming from terrorist regions.  (The teacher in France whom a Chechen Muslim beheaded would be alive today if France had made the same efforts.)  Although the leftist courts tried to block Trump's actions, he has made headway.  Biden, however, would remove all limitations on travelers from terrorist exporting countries.  Presumably, a Biden administration would raise the risk that Americans are beheaded in the future.

Trump has fought back against sanctuary cities that protect illegal aliens from ICE.  Biden says he will not deport anyone who is here illegally but has not committed violent crimes.  In other words, Americans have to suffer before illegal aliens can be removed.

There are many more points of comparison between Trump's actions and Biden's plans to reverse them.  Suffice it to say that if you believe that America is safer and you are thriving economically thanks to Trump's immigration policies, you would be a fool to vote for Biden.

Image: Illegal aliens storming America's border in 2018.  YouTube screen grab.

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