Why the left needs racism

By most objective standards and metrics, the United States is the least racist among the advanced countries of the world.  Yet racism has been made into the foremost boogeyman in America of the 21st century.  Why?

The short answer is that exaggerating the problem of racism is an absolute necessity for many.  Racism is the wind under the wings of Marxists in their flight to Utopia, while at the same time, it is useful for the liberal establishment in maintaining its hold on power.  The race card is also the glue holding the Democrat coalition together.  The two groups that the current obsession on racism hurts are the white middle class and, ironically, black and Hispanic minorities themselves. 

As for the liberal establishment, it has been fundamental in fomenting a "cancel culture."  To be called a racist, even when unfounded, has cost people their employment and careers.  Just the accusation can be enough to exclude a person from the public square.  Liberals hurl charges of racism against anyone who disagrees with them as a way to bully the opposition into silence. 

The greatest enemies the liberals see are the populists.  They're the ones who had the temerity to notice the glaring failures of the elite in both domestic and foreign matters and who elected Donald Trump.  To defuse this threat to their power and privileges, the establishment uses racism to take the focus off their failures while at the same time tarring the opposition as racists.  This is why prevalence of racism and its danger are so exaggerated throughout every aspect of society.

Racism also divides Americans.  Despite media propaganda to the contrary, however, it is President Trump who unites people under the banner of E pluribus unum ("Out of many, one").  Such a concept is an anathema to the liberal establishment.  Their action guide is "Divide to conquer," and there's nothing better to do that than race.

The Democrats need to instill the fear of a return of Jim Crow to keep blacks voting for them in overwhelming numbers.  Without that, the Democrat Party becomes non-competitive.  Never mind that Jim Crow laws were Democrat policies.  History has been turned upside-down by the schools and media.  It is now Republicans who are painted as the racists, coming for blacks with the chains.  And as long as blacks accept this false narrative, they will suffer...along with the country as a whole.

While the liberal establishment needs racism to stay on top and the Democrats need it to keep blacks on their plantation, the left needs racism to overturn the system.  Marxism is based a class struggle between the oppressed and the oppressor.  However, the American middle class has constantly turned a deaf ear to appeals for revolution on economic terms.  Kevin Portteus of Hillsdale College writes:  

The contemporary Left has largely abandoned its efforts to revolutionize ordinary Americans, and as a result their contempt for such people is now open and undisguised. The Left disdains them precisely because they are trying to retain elements of traditional American culture like faith and self-reliance. They are deplorable because they have refused to join the revolution.

Accordingly, the left has made whiteness the oppressor and everything else the oppressed.  The Marxists believe that race will be the issue that sparks their long awaited revolution so they harp on it.

Charges of racism are being used to squeeze the middle class from the top by the liberal establishment and by revolutionary Marxists from below.  The only thing preventing ordinary Americans from being crushed is President Trump and the resolve of his supporters.  The height of irony here is that the established elite are so focused on holding onto their power that they look at the middle class as their enemy without realizing that ordinary Americans are what's standing between them and the revolution. 

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