Why November 3 is so important this year

There is more at stake in the upcoming election than left versus right control.

The reason: The United States and its allies are the police of the world.  Without the United States, there would be no police.  Shipping lanes would be shut down, air space would be shuttered, communications disabled, and means of production crippled.

A young woman at a rally was interviewed.  She came here from Venezuela seven years ago.  She was at the rally because she didn't want our great country to follow that path.  As she explained, she started to cry.  Her family in Venezuela depended on her to send them money to live.

It is not likely that the above scenario will occur, but it seems to be the goal of the anarchists who march.  The danger is that the anarchists have cheerleaders.  No, they don't stand up and lead cheers.  Their cheerleading role is the parent who stands silent while HIS toddler throws a tantrum — and someday will show up at a rally chanting, "Burn it down."

Well, not totally silent.  We're speaking of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Kamala tells her toddlers to keep throwing things off the supermarket shelf.  Joe makes it clear that his new world order will make our country look like an airport terminal.  What a team.

That is why this next election is so important.

Image: Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.

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