Why I want Trump to stay in the Oval Office

Here is why I support President Trump.  As far as his personality, when I worked as a commercial real estate broker for fifteen years in Florida, I worked with many developers and builders like Trump.  They all had huge egos, bold and driven personalities.  You knew when they were in the room.  They were also visionaries, for they built cities.  

The process of creating a building project is arduous.  Negotiation is key, and Trump is a master at the negotiation process.  Dealing with government entities for approvals to move from concept to actually building can take years.  Passing inspections for every layer and item installed is tedious.  Dealing with subcontractors and meeting deadlines is exasperating.  Visionaries need strong, demanding, and determined personalities to achieve these goals.  I honestly loved working with them, for they made exciting things happen.  

As far as his tweets and boastful remarks, Trump is a master negotiator.  He understands people and what motivates them.  Since the leftist media misrepresent him and his accomplishments, his only way to represent himself is via tweets.  He uses this to play with the media.  I find myself laughing at how obvious this ping-pong game really is.

The Mueller investigation, impeachment, and scandals proved to be travesties and an enormous waste of taxpayer money.  In spite of these obstacles, Trump achieved his goals.  History will rate his accomplishments as some of the greatest in America's lifetime. 

The scandals don't compare to Bill Clinton's new use for a cigar in the Oval Office, or his treatment of Monica Lewinsky's dress, or his impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors for lying under oath and obstruction of justice.  Or Representative John Conyers taking $27,000 from his taxpayer-funded office budget and paying off the female staff member who was fired for resisting his sexual advances.  This is the hypocrisy of the left, and I hope it will end. 

Investigative reporter Peter Schweizer wrote a book about the Clintons' corruption called Clinton Cash.  See the Clinton Cash movie here.

I wanted a businessman as president to restore the economy and get rid of the corrupted swamp after President Obama.  He set the stage for the divisiveness and violence we are experiencing today.  He jeopardized our national security with the uranium and Iran deals and defunding our military.  President Trump, on the other hand, moves at business speed, not government speed.  His expertise as a developer and builder taught him to navigate unchartered territory, and he has restored our national security.  Just look at his accomplishments below.  He also kept his campaign promises, which most candidates fail to do.  If you can get past his braggadocio-laden personality, you will understand why I, and 25% of the Jewish population, support him.  Let's make this 100%.

Trump’s accomplishments in support of the Jewish community: https://www.conservativehq.org/post/why-jews-are-switching-to-trump

Trump’s accomplishments in support of all United States citizens: https://www.frcaction.org/accomplishments  

Adrienne Skolnik is chairman of the North Carolina Chapter of the Conference of Jewish Affairs.

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