Vote in person and in large numbers to stop Democrat cheating

With Democrat threats to further undermine the presidential election process, the best thing average patriotic Americans can do to combat this is to vote in person.  We need to have overwhelming numbers of Americans in line to fill out their ballots on Election Day.  Crowds of Trump-supporters are the only force that can surpass the Democrats' plans to cheat through mail–in voting.  And guess what: our numbers will also be a show of protest against these internal enemies of America.

Conservatives rarely take to the streets to protest.  We have families to take care of, careers, and bills to pay.  However, when liberty is threatened and government overreaches, the signs and flags of conservatives will rise high in protest and in great numbers.  This Election Day is our time not only to redress government abuses at all levels, but also to protest the attempts of Marxist radicals (and their supporters in the Democrat party and mainstream media) who are trying to foment a civil war.

Why should you be worried about Joe Biden winning the presidency?  There are many reasons, but let's focus specifically on his mental faculties.  It is quite obvious to a growing number of Americans that Biden's shelf life has expired in the form of advancing senility.  He is simply not up to rigors of the presidency, and even half of Democrats polled don't believe he will finish his term if elected.  Democrats will be voting for a figurehead, but it will be an unaccountable person or persons running things in a Biden administration who will not be subject to public scrutiny.  This will make a mockery of the term "representative government," about which the donkey party could not care less. 

Just remember the deeds of the Democrats since March; their actions have shown they are more concerned with political expediency than serving their constituents.  When the Wuhan virus was growing into a major crisis, who told people in San Francisco and New York that it was safe to attend Chinese New Year celebrations and take public transportation?  Oh, yes, that would be Democrat speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio.  Who called Trump's plans of travel restrictions related to China xenophobic?  You guessed it: Joe Biden.  Who circumvented President Trump's plans of a temporary shutdown to flatten the curve and applied even more drastic lockdowns to their citizens and economies?  Look no farther than Democrat governors like Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo, Gretchen Whitmer, J.B. Pritzker, Jay Inslee , Phil Murphy, Kate Brown, and Tom Wolf and Democrat mayors like Eric Garcetti, Bill de Blasio, Ted Wheeler, and Lori Lightfoot.  Just think — these examples of feckless and vindictive leadership are also the Democrat bench in upcoming national elections.  Can you imagine any of these incompetent tyrants in the White House?

Let us not also forget how these Democrat leaders pledged allegiance to the Marxist groups known as Black Lives Matter and Antifa and how these office holders allowed their cities to be looted, vandalized, and burned, all in the name of "mostly peaceful protests."  Coincidentally, Democrats have lately condemned the rioting after crashing poll numbers indicated that Americans were blaming Democrats for the violence.

Not a single selfless leader exists in the examples given above.  Each one of these leftist office-holders is a narcissist more in love with power and prestige than with the privilege of serving.  What else can be said about "leaders" who would allow suffering to their constituents in the form of destroyed livelihoods, violence, and racial division?   And let us not forget how some of these office-holders are defunding their police departments in the name of so-called rampant police brutality.  Talk about jumping on the bandwagon. These Democrat governors and mayors are not statesmen, but mere agents of sabotage in the left's efforts to hurt the country so Biden can win.  If you are one of the gullible who think these mini-tyrants will temper their policies with a Biden victory, I have some prime real estate in Death Valley that I would like to sell to you.

While the rest of us live in the United States, the Democrats are united with the worldwide left in their hatred of President Trump, the people who voted for him and America as founded.  Democrats have an endgame strategy of pushing Biden over the finish line whether he wins or loses.  This strategy has been voiced by leftist stalwarts like Hillary Clinton, who urged Biden not to concede, and media platforms like Axios, which recently predicted that what looks like a Trump victory on election night will be overturned in the ensuing weeks with mail-in ballots.

And how about the latest Democrat talking point of using the military to remove Trump from the White House if he doesn't concede?  Sure sounds like subversion to me with the seeds being planted for us to expect a Trump loss after a vote count that could take weeks. As is always their modus operandi, the Democrats use repetitive talking points to legitimize a sleazy political tactic they are planning.

The Democrats have amassed an army of lawyers dedicated to litigating the results of the 2020 presidential election until Biden is the winner.  This can only be pulled off if the race is close.  However, they can't cheat if it is not close and one way of insuring this is to have lines of Trump voters around the block in every state. Our numbers have to be so large that the media will not be able to ignore us and an added benefit will be screwing up the exit polls that news outlets love to use to discourage Republican turnout.

Unprecedented and historic are two words that have come to annoy me because of overuse in the media. Yet we, as a nation of patriots from every skin color, every religion and every creed, have an opportunity to take to the polls and vote in person in unprecedented and historic numbers on November 3. Plug your ears to the echo chamber of the propaganda media telling you to stay home.  Tell your like-minded friends, neighbors and family to get out and save America by voting to reelect President Trump, take back the House and hold the Senate. If you are worried about your health and safety, wear a mask or travel in numbers. You could even wear Biden t-shirts and other Democrat paraphernalia if you want to vote undercover. Be creative, but make sure you have boots and shoes on the ground at your local polling place.  

Let us make this the election where the sleeping giant awakens and makes its presence known.  This scenario gives the left nightmares which is why it is so invested in keeping you scared and at home come Election Day. Don't fall for the threats, punch the Democrats in the mouth… with your vote that is.

Dex Bahr is the author of the book No Christian Man is an Island.  He is also a freelance writer and lecturer.

Photo credit: Tom Arthur, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

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